All Coach Purse Styles

All Coach Purse Styles

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All Coach Purse Styles
do you own a designer purse?

how many and how old are you? tell me which kinds if youd like 🙂

im 15 and ive been collecting them since i was 12

ive got...
coach- small pink, boho style brown, boho spring patchwork, medium summer watercolor stripes, big brown and gold irreversable i use to carry my books...

d&b- medium with colorful all over letters spelling dooney and bourke, and a light blue one with multicolor DB

louis vuitton- brown and tan, original with pink flowers on top of the LV and light pink with gold

juicy- clear juicy beach bag

~~what about you?~~

I should collect some too!! Yeah.. I'm 13, I have:

A coach: Hobo bag (Just the ones with logo on it), a Huge "rainbow-ish colored one (striped one), a coach sac kinda thing that you wear like a messanger bag

Gucci: A pouch with logo all over and pink / dark pink striped one as the belt

Juicy: Those velvet-ish ones (in black) that says Juicy and has a crown on it

Louis Vuitton: A wallet? LOL

Oh Please don't say I'm spoiled or anything because I'm not. I just got these for like Christmas and birthdays and special occasions

And Nice collection of bags! I would love to have all those 😛

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