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Mens Leather wallet by Shimmy Kahana genuine bifold Snap closure and Keychain Mens Leather wallet by Shimmy Kahana genuine bifold Snap closure and Keychain
List Price: $24.97
Sale Price: $13.49

Need a classy, high-quality men’s wallet?Get the SHIMMY KAHANA MEN’S LUXURY WALLET MODEL #501!Ideal for the man who wants a beautiful bifold wallet.What makes the SHIMMY KAHANA MEN’S LUXURY WALLET unique?ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – Bifold with a Snap Cover so different than most wallets as you can close it tightly without anything falling outGENUINE LEATHER - Made of Black Cowhide with Cloth-Polyester Jacquard Fabric & raised jacquard pattern6 CARD SLOTS - 4 on one side plus 1 clear identification slot on opposite side & 1 large opening for paper moneyADDED FEATURES – Both stamping & deboss logo stand outHIGH FASHION LOOK – Perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary, or a special eventMATCHING KEYCHAIN – Genuine leather strap with sturdy O-ring for keys that can be hooked to the walletGIFT BOX - Luxurious box included Perfect gift for men, husbands, fathers, salesmen, businessmen, officials, or anyone needing an attractive wallet with excellent workmanship...

Buy Coach Purses Online
Do you like this Coach purse?

My mom bought me this purse as a present, and I'm not sure if it is appropriate for me. I am 21, so does it look like it's for someone older, and do you like it? It's the gold leather one, the Metallic gold Leah. She paid $398 for it, so I hate not to use it!
To Emily: I do not and will not carry a fake. They are incredibly tacky and low-class!

it does kind of look for older people.
and by old not granny old but above 30's kind of.....serious looking.

but don't fret girl,wear it with cool jeans and dresses alike.

don't wear it with anything floral or vintage-y.

am sure you can carry it off!!!!

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