Cheap Black Coach Purses

Cheap Black Coach Purses

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Cheap Black Coach Purses
POLL: Re-gifting: Is it a great way to recycle and save the planet or?

Is the re-giver just cheap as hell?

A year ago I bought this Coach handbag off of Overstock and of course when I got it in the mail it was fake. After reporting the seller they closed their account. OF COURSE.

So I tell my friend about it and she says: "Re-gift it, I do it all the time." I thought: "Note to self: Do not buy her anything next year."

This last Christmas I bought my Ex -Mother in law a Dooney and Bourke Black signature barrel bag. She raved about it and said she loved it. A couple months later I saw her daughter out and about and imagine my surprise when I saw her wearing that purse. I asked where she got it and she said "Mom gave it to me for my birthday! Isn't it cute!!!"

SUB POLL: Ever gotten anything back that you gave?

Definately cheap as hell! If you really want to recycle or save the planet you could give it to charity or get rid of it at a garage sale (of course try to make sure that the person who gave it to you doesn't come!) Re-gifting is very risky! I've never gotten anything back that I gave but I know if I did I wouldn't be very happy! It's the thought that counts and re-gifting doesnt need much thought! Personally I think its wrong unless the person actually asks you for it 🙂

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