Coach Handbags Dillards

Coach Handbags Dillards

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Coach Handbags Dillards

Coach Shoes and Coach Boots – More Than Just Handbags

Would it surprise you that Coach offers more than just handbags for sale. I know it surprised me. Mainly because all that is ever heard in the media is that Coach makes a superior handbag. The media does not concentrate on the fact that Coach also make superior Coach Shoes and Coach Boots. Not only does Coach make these accessories but the collection is well rounded with shoes like sandals, sneakers, boots, pumps, flats, loafers and wedges just to name a few.

I hear you, but how much does it cost to purchase a Coach shoe?

Like anything that you purchase from Coach, you are talking about purchasing a quality product. And with purchasing a quality product you will have to spend a little bit more than just going down to a store like payless or even a mid-range priced store like Dillards. Coach shoes usually range in price from $100 to $300 dollars. This is usually for a pump or a sandal or wedge. But if your looking at purchasing a boot you will be forking over between $200 and $500 dollars depending on the style.

Don’t look at the price as being to expense. Lets look at the average time that a shoe would last. I know most shoes I purchase only last approx. a year or so. That is for a dress shoe. But a speaker would only last approx. 6 to 8 month if I am wearing it everyday. These are poor quality shoes that are made to deteriorate in a short amount of time. Not Coach, because of the price you are pretty much guaranteed to get a quality product with real leather and real marksmanship from a master that will last you for years. Yes, I did say years. This is what Coach is known for. Coach is not a fly by night organization that puts out shabby Coach Shoes and Boots. Their shoes are meant to last over time.

Where can I purchase a Coach Shoe?

I have to admit the fastest why to get a pair of Coach Shoes is by going to you local high end department store. But expect to pay full price for anything that you purchase. But there is an alternative. Buying off of the net would allow you to buy at significant discounts that you would not see in your local department store. Some of these prices could be 20% to 40% off. That is a significant amount of change left in your pocket. So, don’t be afraid to shop around on the net to get what you want. Especially in this economy, every cent saved goes a long way.

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Kenneth Elliott is the proud owner of Coach Outlet Store. I website that caters to Coach enthusiasts. Take some time and come by and see what kind of merchandise you would save on today. Also see my Coach Shoes and Coach Boots collection.

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