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Coach Handbags Korea

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Coach Handbags Korea

Authentic And Fake Coach Bags At Coach Outlet

Have you purchased coach purses on ebay or from a small shop in New York? Do you feel strange why your coach purses only cost you $60 while even in the outlet, usually sell at $140. I don't mean all, but some times it is because you have bought cheap coach bags at coach outlet store online.

If you want to buy cheap coach purses but not fake ones, you should be very clear which one is authentic and which one is fake. The following is some tips I know how to spot replica ones.

Signature Pattern:

Signature pattern of Coach will have obvious "C" pattern, and the tips of the facing "C"s will be touched. Also, the pattern will line up so that it will perfectly repeated.


Replica purses will sometimes use the letter "G", not the letter "C". That is because the manufacturer of the replica purses don't want to face leagal problem.

Serial Number:

The creed patch (similar to a label) on the inside of the bag should have a serial number stamped on it. The number should be embossed into the patch. Usually, this serial number is made up of letters and numbers.


The metal zipper pull should have the letters "YKK" engraved on it. YKK is Coach's unique. It someone without it, then the bag is not real. This engraving may be very tiny, but it is one sign of an authentic bag.

Country of Origin:

Coach purses are usually made in China. Coach is not manufactured in Thailand or Korea. So if someone is written as " Made in Thailand"  or " Made in Korea", then it is a fake.


Signature pattern bags will have a solid lining. Bags that do not have "C"s on the outside will have it on the lining. There are some coach handbags outlet, but you should be very careful.

Right place to buy:

Authentic Coach purses are only sold in Coach retail and outlet stores, the Coach website and catalog, authorized department and specialty stores and certain duty-free stores. Purses are sold on some so called " coach outlet "  or the street or at purse parties are counterfeit.


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