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Louis Vuitton – How to Tell Fake Pieces


The tirelessly innovation and an awesome range has shot Louis Vuitton to celebrity status which unfortunately keeps the brand out of reach of most due to its expensiveness. Besides, the brand is also known for accessories that are riding a high reputation in Hollywood. However, the flip side of this is the invitation to illegitimate fakes that rob the susceptible buyers of their monies and the makers of legitimate replica handbags.

Nevertheless, the threat of fakes as well as clones is bothering Louis Vuitton to the core. It has initiated countless legal and technical steps to curtail this. It is taking legal action on companies that allegedly sell clones of its products for so less as $6 apiece and a heavy damage claim. But the challenge is how you can guard yourself from getting befooled. Agreed, buying from official site and stores is a way out but it takes much more ythan just this.

It pays to be careful on your part by checking for telltale clues; although the below list isn’t extensive it is a good starting point to begin your journey against clones or replica handbags from.


Begin by looking at the price tag of the handbag. The price can’t be under 50% of price for a comparable model in an official shop, if it is, it’s a clone. Genuine Louis Vuitton is sold for no less than $1500 and is never in wholesale. Pieces available for $75 or less have to be counterfeits. Think of this, even the authentic pre-owned handbags aren’t available at this ridiculous prices actually because a real owner would throw it away than sell for garbage prices or wait for the company to withdraw when he can make a big fortune.


Tags on genuine Louis Vuitton never contain blue numbers in any way. Be warned if you see it and steer clear of it. Sellers strangely think that these numbers will help them somehow win over buyer just when authentic pieces don’t even have them at all.


Besides, another bigger clue to tell fake handbags from genuine pieces is the use of cheap plastic wrappers for the handles. This is not to say that Louis Vuitton never uses plastic over handles but it is the quality that matters. Remember, brand new handbags are wrapped in plastic but the resale bags aren’t ever; it is the case with a used piece or a display bag. All you need to do in this case is put off your purchase till you are sure that you were about to pay for genuine pieces. As Louis Vuitton seldom ships in bulk, it makes an interesting point to inquire with the buyer as to where did he get the handles and handbags wrapped from if there is plastic over the handles. Paper wrappings around hardware and around rivets as if to guard them is really funny to watch.


You would do better to check for more accurate descriptions on the company’s official website, perhaps before you are about to invest your money.

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