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Kusmi Tea

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A canister of Kusmi Tea
Kusmi Tea (or Kusmi-Tea) is a brand of tea with headquarters in Paris, France. The company, which produces Russian-style teas and tea blends, was established by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff (????? ?????????? ?????????, 1840-1908) in 1867 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Upon the onset of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Kousmichoff company relocated to France. The company has changed hands several times since then.

Russian teas

Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, the founder of Kusmi Tea
Kusmi Tea's Russian teas are blends of Chinese, Indian, and Ceylon teas, often flavored with bergamot, citrus fruits, cinnamon, or other scents. They are available as loose tea leaves or in tea bags, and include:
Prince Vladimir (a blend of Chinese tea with citrus fruits, vanilla, and spices)
Troika (a blend of Chinese, Ceylonese, and Indian teas with bergamot, orange, and mandarin orange)
Anastasia (a blend of Chinese and Ceylonese teas flavoured with scents of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom.
Bouquet of Flowers no. 108 (a blend of Chinese and Ceylonese teas, with scents of bergamot, citrus fruits, and flowers)
St Petersburg (a blend of Chinese tea with bergamot, red fruits, and caramel)
Polish Blend no. 18 (a blend of Chinese and Ceylonese teas, with bergamot, lemon, and lime)
Zoubrovka (a blend of Chinese tea with scent of buffalo grass)
Petrushka Christmas Tea (a spicy blend of Chinese tea, with orange, almond, vanilla, and spices)
Kashmir Tchai (a spicy blend of tea and spices according to a traditional Nepalese recipe)
Traktir (a slightly smoked blend of Chinese and Ceylonese teas, with citrus fruits and spices)
Samovar (a blend of slightly smoked Chinese and Indian teas)
Flavored black teas
4 Red Fruits
Spicy Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Earl Grey
Earl Grey with flower
Earl Grey Smoky
Lotus flower
Rose flower
Bourbon Vanilla
Flavored green teas
Jade pearl with jasmine
Almond green tea
Green tea with spearmint
Green Bouquet
Ginger Lemon green tea
Green St. Petersburg
Green Troika
Green Zoubrovka
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