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Coach Leather Australia

A Brief Summary On Recently Concliuded Pak Aus Series

Some stats to look at, i am sure you are aware of these very well.

Pakistan Cricket, 1992 World Champions,2000 asia cup champions, 2004 and 2006 U19 World champions, Asian Test Champions 1998-99, 2009 world t20 champions, 1987 world cup semi-finalists 1999 world cup runners up, 2007 world t20 runners up, 2003 world cup 1st round exit, 2007 1st round exit with a humiliating defeat from Ireland, Currently ranked 7th (out of 9) in Tests and 7th in ODIs.

See the progress as the time goes by ? Where is Pakistan Cricket going ?
we are de-improving day by day, tour by tour, "captain by captainn" , Its like a spell a never ending one in our case.. However. . . . 

However, this article is only relevant to Pak Aus series so i shall contain it within itself. 
Pakistan played 3 tests, Melbourne, sydney, Hobbart, we lost all three of them. Yeah i know there is nothing new about it, we last won a test in australia 15 years ago under Wasim Akram. Kewl!

Lets not go into great detail , because if i do i can publish an entire encyclopedia on this series only. so just an overview and why we lost from my eyes.

melbourne: Complete batting failure, selection of Abdul rauf on a pitch which has NOTHING to offer for bourgeoisie pacer like him who neither have swing nor pace not even experience, fielding lapses, lack of game plan, lack of responsibility, patriotism.

Sydney: Great bowling performance by Asif sami, over confidence, again no game plan, irresponsibility, 70 year old pair of hands, batting failure.

Hobbart: Selection (sami sent to pakistan so that aamir and gull both can play on the expanse of Pakistan), others are some what all of the above. one more thing i shall reveal about this hobbart test in the next para where i conclude the whole test series debacle.

after playing so much cricket, you can't catch the simplest of catches, around 14 (may be more) catches were dropped in the test series and 24 catches were dropped in the series against new zeland were pakistan toured before. Intekhab alam (coach/couch) told that these kind of problems must be catered at Grass root level, man tell me what the hell are you doing in the team, you yourself were not a batsman we could be proud of not a fielder and respectfully not the greatest spinners, waqar and aaqib are there as bowling coach.fine enough! but do we need them ? i think we had been doing good in bowling from a long time now, its the batting and the fielding letting us down each time. so if anyone has an answer, kindly let me know. ok the next thing, We have a couch who doesn't know anything except biting nails, he or more specifically the team management consists bunch of dumb and dumberers who never have a game plan to even help the skipper out. after the the major thing that freaks me out is that players have no sense of responsibility, after a long time the openers were proving with a fair start but all in vain. i shall name one batsman UMAR AKMAL though he is been the most outstanding but he has sunk the paki ship over and over again. always getting starts but throwing it away to the opposition. Yaar for God sake one day inn your life i wish you can play for Your country than yoursel. Hussey, learn from him guys. Misbah ul haq, what to say about this legendary loser he is gone and gone for good , mark my words. Kamran akmal who played a major role in defeating the hopes of winning through his buttered glooves, single handedly won the 2nd test for australia, dropped hussey thrice which cost pakista the match. oh yeahhh , after the second test he had enough guts to say on media that he WILL ply in the third test and when he was dropped his brother umar akmal who hasn't been long in the team pretended a fake injury but was caught. But wasn't dropped on his undescplinary act. Player power the ultimate Ruler in PCB.

now coming 3-0 in the ODIs a shattered apkistan team, started off well in the odis. lost the first one again of the same issues taht no batsman was willing to hang on in the crease, swashbuckling over 40 proved to be not good enough and a blistering 105 b white took the game away.2nd odi 3rd and 4th all were a complete batting collapse, captaincy failure. now pakistan are 0-4 in odis, going into the final one dayer, whith afridi "the hope" as captain with lots of young blood in the team and ended a very near down to the wire contest but australia again managed to clinch the win and left pakistan a complete white wash in one dayers aswell.. a one dayer white wash happened to pakistan the second time ever, first time it was in 1988 against west indies. 

The interesting thing everyones talking about is afridis dracula bite, not sure wether he was chewing leather or injecting. he did something that stunned the world, tempered the ball with his teeth, Afridi please tell me How in the world you do it yaar..u say that the match was very close and u were very frustrated, it means either pakistan have to win a game one sidedly or get defeated miserably, because any close game will result in a ball tempering issue, i wonder what will you do to temper the next time.. you are the most experienced player in the team and still you are so immature. we all pakis support you and back you to be the captain but you have done something that tells you are still not compatible with absorbing the pressure. its not the first time he has been in the news, remember the last time england visited pakistan, afridi was found dancing on the pitch, doing pitch tempering, you should have learnt there! though you have apologized but still pakistans name has been so torned up, while all the indian media and international media supporting us on that IPL issue, you do such a thing that takes EVERYTHING away ... Whyyyy did you do it man!!!!

Why always pakistan ?
Stuart broad and james anderson were found tempering the ball in thier recent series against south africa, they did it through the spikes of theier shoes, scratching too. but the match refree was none other than broads father chris broad and the whole issue wasn't hyped as much as it happened with afridi. bad luck dude. Pakistan has always been facing these racial favourtisms and i am afraid will always be.

Em tireddddddddd...i think the article has been a long one this time though i wanted to keep it short and have skipped lots of facts. 

My conclusions:
Just break that PLAYER POWER thing and everything will be good, i bet. Moreover, Winning is not everything we all know that, you can never win everyday but if you start losing everything everyday, its not fair too, if you fight for victory one day you shall win, FIGHT has been the problem in pakistan team i think. not eager to win, not hungry enough..I am myself a cricket freak play a little of it aswell and have a very little knowledge of it and a guy like me know and firmly believes that IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN WIN, HALF OF THE GAME YOU HAVE ALREADY WON. And concluding my article with this old saying which holds as truth today as it always has, " ITS NOT THE SIZE OF THE DOG IN A FIGHT, BUT THE SIZE OF THE FIGHT IN THE DOG THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE"

Thank you so much guys if you have managed to go through all that silly stuff.. Hope to get comments on that...


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