Coach Legacy Whiskey

Coach Legacy Whiskey

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Coach Legacy Whiskey

Does anyone know if small LEGACY LEATHER FRAMED FRENCH PURSE comes in whisky color? I checked coach official site and there isn't any there. I know they come in whisky for the bigger sized legacy wallet... anyone?
Thanks!! I love love love my fur babies! What kind of fur babies do you have?
I do like the lighter color too, but if they do have it, I like it whisky better...

I have the Legacy satchel in whiskey and contemplated the Framed purse at the same time, but I couldn't find it either. I asked at the Coach store if they had it and they checked and told me no, they didn't tell me if it was never available or if it was just sold out. I know they made the black and the striped but I never saw the whiskey, and now they have the summer colors out. Did you see the natural?? It looks similar to the whiskey but a little lighter.

Hey, nice avatar!! I am a mom of fur babies also!!!

NEW INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 3 Chows. I found your Framed French Purse in Whiskey!! Someone has one on Ebay. It is item 170084827350. While you are there, stop in my store and take a look. I sell cosmetics.

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