Coach Purse 10619

Coach Purse 10619

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Can you tell if this is Authentic Coach?

compared to

And I know the colors aren't the same but that doesn't matter. This pertains to the top and bottom links.

compared to:

I just need to know if you think the items from are real or fake. Thanks!
I just want to know if it looks real or fake. I never said i was going to buy something from there. Please answer like this:

1. Handbag is real/fake
2.Wallet is real/fake


If you are not buying from licensed coach dealer then always assume they are fake and if you are lucky to get real one be happy. But never pay for what you would if you bought it in a store due to the fact that so many fakes are so well made now it is almost impossible to tell if it is real.

But it is pretty safe to assume the ones on ioffer are fake.

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