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Coach Purse Authentication Code

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Get Smart and Spot Fake Handbags Before It’s Too Late


All girls love bags and most usually have handbags as their collector’s item. With the help of Internet, many can now have deal with handbags. Some may also find the cheap handbags that look really great. Of course, if you got the type of handbag that any girls would love, you got that sense of pride and excitement to include it in your collection. However, sometimes you might just find out that what you got is not the genuine brand but a knockoff!

Many handbag aficionados can relate to this scenario. It’s not only a shame to bring that handbag around the mall but it’s also a great disappointment to have a deal with a fake handbag, especially if it’s a designer handbag. So to avoid this circumstance, you should be able to spot the difference between the fake and the original handbag.

Follow these simple tips so next time you shop for a handbag, online or offline, you won’t end up with a fake one:

  • Practice to be a human fake handbag detector. This can be fun and really challenging. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the pictures of various celebrities who are sporting the latest handbags. For example, Ann Hathaway often carries a real fabulous tote handbag from Coach. There is also Jessica Simpson who has a line of elegant handbags under her name. The more you get to know the looks of the real and original designer’s handbag, the easier it will be for you to be a real human fake handbag detector!
  • Don’t forget to inspect the materials used for the handbag. Real designer handbags will never use cheap materials. They use authentic leather. You may find fake handbag with nice leather materials but these are not as luxurious as the real materials used by handbags like Coach, Fendi, Fossil, and Gucci. Even the zipper and accessories of real designer’s handbags are made with expensive and elegant materials. Some tags of these handbags are also made of real leather.
  • Inspect the small details of the handbag. Aside from the materials and accessories, check also the lining and stitching of the handbag. Real designer handbags have straight and even stitching. The lining of most designer handbags is also made up of one color. The linen should also be made of luxurious fabric like satin that has a very nice sheen to it.
  • Make an nspection of the designer’s logo. You can easily spot the fake handbag with the designer’s logo alone. Most designers usually place their product’s signature on the same part of their every bag so that buyers would know that it’s the real handbag. There are also designer’s handbags that come with authenticity card. This has the manufacturer’s logo that was embossed on the front. It may also come with a magnetic bag code strip, though this too may be replicated. Just check if the code strip is made of luxurious materials and you’ll know it’s a real elegant designer’s handbag.

Spending hundreds of dollars for a counterfeited handbag is a real lose and maybe depressing sometimes. Good thing there are still ways on how to fight against fake handbags and be a real wise consumer.

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