Coach Purse Authenticity Test

Coach Purse Authenticity Test

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How to buy Authentic Designer Handbags

Everyone likes a bargain but if you are purchasing a luxury item then there are things to look out for as you may be buying a fake. Any deal claiming to sell authentic designer handbags for a low price needs to be examined more closely.

Copies now look like the real thing as counterfeiters are using better quality materials. One way to check them out is to smell the leather. Real leather has a distinctive smell and usually feels soft to touch. Anything that feels plastic, rigid or smells like chemicals is best avoided.

The color should be even and free from imperfections. Avoid buying colors that seem inconsistent with the designer's usual style or colors that seem washed out and flat.

Logos should appear evenly on the purse and should not be misspelled or badly stitched. Often good quality purses come with a thick, well made dust bag for protection, this usually bears the logo of the designer. Logos can also be found on zippers and on inner pockets and hardware. It is important to check all these small details.

The seams and stitch details should be even and free from loose threads. The item should look well crafted and should be uniquely finished. The lining can be checked as can zipper seams and the underneath of the bag as meticulous attention to detail is usually the sign that it is genuine.

Hardware should not look and feel cheap and should be in keeping with the overall style. Faded metals with variations in color and texture indicate a lower quality product.

Designers often give their product a serial number as a mark of authenticity so it is important to examine the product and verify if it has this mark. There is usually a booklet outlining care instructions and this should also be checked out.

Lastly, is the item from a private seller? If so then it is always good to check whether there is a receipt as proof of purchase. If the item is considerably cheaper then you should ask why. Designers will not sell their products online in auctions so this is also a good indication of the purse being a fake.

If all else fails then the best test is to look at how much the purse costs. Luxury items are luxuries for a reason and if they are posted as a bargain then they are not likely to be authentic designer handbag.

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