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Gucci Monogram Handbags Still Remains Chic And Well Put Together

Gucci is known for their accessories, and I'm wondering how their canvas bags hold up. Recently I was talking with friends, and the census seemed to be that Louis Vuitton canvas bags were among the most durable bags in our collections. How about Gucci Monogram handbags? It isn't coated like the LV bags, but is it just as durable? The Large Jockey Hobo bag is stylish and functional, but I'm not loving it in the beige canvas. The black I can tolerate, but is the monogrammed cloth "worth" $1,350? I would like it a lot better if the leather at either corner of the bag completely covered the bottom of the bag, which would make it easier to handle. If the Gucci canvas is anything like Coach canvas, it gets dirty pretty easily!

Gucci is one of those bag makers who have perfected the art of making classic and timeless monogrammed handbags. But in response to the changing times and trends, they constantly update their designs and silhouettes.

The luxe label's latest handbags for fall – including this Gucci D Gold Medium Tote - have landed at Neiman Marcus, and the color scheme is gold, gold, gold. Unfortunately, I'd trade some of that Fort Knox grandeur for originality and fashion-forward thinking. Whereas Louis Vuitton goes a fantastic job of reinventing their classic monogram in thrilling new ways (cough, Sprouse), Gucci sometimes just sends out purses that I feel like I've seen a million times before.

Gucci Sukey Large Tote. Sure, it's not revolutionary. It's just a canvas tote with some cream leather trimming the famous Gucci monogram fabric. Maybe a bit played out? Sure. Logo bags aren't nearly what they used to be. But still, compared to the other Cruise offerings, this Gucci tote handbag is entirely unoffensive and beautiful in its lack of adornment (particularly its lack of odd tattoo-like adornment). For a Gucci bag, it's price is relatively low, and I've always loved the cream leather combined with their signature fabric, although I'm not sure why it stick out to me. The shape is nice, it's entirely functional.

After all, nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. Now, buying Gucci handbags which are perfect in design and top grade in quality are always in the dream list of most people. While, the passion of these bag addicts are always restrained by the hefty prices. Fortunately, there come the replica handbags. They are flooding into the market and are accepted by more and more keen fashionistas.

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