Coach Purse Cleaning Instructions

Coach Purse Cleaning Instructions

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How do I clean my coach purse and shoes??? WILL CHOOSE A BEST ANSWER!?

1- I have a large white coach purse that is starting to look very dirty (as white always does after frequent use) and i do not know how to clean it. the leather part is fine, it's the fabric with the 'C' pattern that i'm worried about. #2 - I have a pair of coach shoes that needs cleaned as well... can i use regular shoe cleaner? the fabric is canvas i believe, white with multicolored scribbles on it. i need to know ASAP how to clean both of these. the shoes were $125 and the purse was $395 so i would like to keep them looking snazzy... and i didn't keep the booklets with the cleaning instructions for either of them because i will never sell them, nor do i feel it necessary to prove their authenticity to anyone else. thanks a million if you can help!!! WILL CHOOSE A BEST ANSWER

There is a cleaning lotion that is usually sold near the counter in the store that may be helpful. I would also maybe take it back to the store and ask a salesperson if they have any suggestions.
No I would not use regular shoe cleaner because it might ruin the shoes.

You might have to accept the fact that maybe white was not the best color to get because it does get dirty with age and wear.

I hope that this answer may help you.

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