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In fact, many big-name merchandise for their own manipulated by others quite taboo

Regulations, 300 yuan (including 300) of the footwear "three guarantees" valid for 120 days, businesses can develop more in favor of consumers, "three" implementation details.

But now it seems, are clearly thinking about how big to circumvent laws and regulations in these countries.

There is no hidden rules a leather warranty or warranty not explicitly related to brand: LV, Gucci, Cartier

April of this year, fees to use for a month or so, Miss Gucci bag had a problem with damage to the bag bottom. She sent the package, a Gucci Hangzhou monopoly maintenance, but by August has not repaired. Miss fees during several calls to Gucci, are no news.

August 22, fees to the business sector miss the complaint, get back is the bag already on the way back to Hangzhou. Eventually, the charges until the end of Miss got only 8 bags.

For fees, Miss, the last 4 months of the bag back in the hands, is no longer fashionable to speak of.

Press survey found that, Dior maintenance usually three months, if you want to set the French origin may be six months or more parts, accessories, then you do not need to wait until the parts produced; Cartier fastest 3-4 working days, long if you need 4 months; Chanel goods if repairs to Shanghai to 1 month, sent to France will have six months; Gucci to 3-6 months; LV about 1-3 months.

For a long period of maintenance, most of the big reasons for their products abroad to go through customs clearance and other maintenance procedures.

Consumer Protection Committee, who commented:

Although regardless of whether the time delay in the customs service or other places, the experience of laughter from the CAO of view, businesses to e-mail that is not very efficient means of communication to contact, can be seen as a means of cost saving business, but the sacrifice is time cost for consumers.

"Zhejiang footwear products" three guarantees "Interim Measures" provides that "three guarantees" for repair during the bear responsibility, footwear produced in the province, the operator shall repair the goods received within 7 working day days of repair; origin in the province, it shall be repaired within 20 working days, and shall not charge any fees. Operators should be in the "three guarantees" to accept the certificate each time repairs accurately record the date, time allocated to maintenance, repair parts and so on. Operators within the prescribed period is not fixed, every day delay in the invoice price of goods 2% according to the standard compensation for consumers (the maximum compensation of not more than the invoice price of goods), or consumers can choose to change. Such a provision did not do a lot of big names.

Potential Rule 21 months, 1 month, six months or even longer time involved in the maintenance of the brand: LV, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Cartier

Mr. Tang had in 2008 bought a pink Cartier wallet. Cartier wallet as big a notebook bag and friction, a blue dyed surface.

When Mr. Tang Cartier wallet to the counter treatment, you get the reply "Sorry, we never had the service here."

"Rub themselves are indelible, not people come to see also." Wallet from only 4750 yuan Tang to lie quietly at home.

The ability to provide cleaning services, the big answers are exactly the same. Never provide cleaning, maintenance services. The grounds that their products are made of special materials, not clean, if dirty, the customer himself can wipe with a cloth.

Consumer Protection Committee, who commented:

This seems to be international practice. Although there is no clearly defined business in China will have to provide cleaning services. But in the minds of most consumers, cleaning, maintenance is a basic service, so they buy the most expensive product is not a simple service, which gives the majority of consumers have had a great psychological gap. Obviously, the big-name services are not human.

3 never hidden rules provide cleaning, maintenance services related to brands: LV, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Cartier

Have such an experience Ms. Chen, in April last year she bought a Gucci purse, bag with a week, including off-line with the situation appeared.

Chen Gucci counter with the invoice to get the response can only repair and maintenance time to a month or two. Chen did not agree to the Consumer Protection Committee reflected this.

After coordination through the Consumer Protection Committee, Gucci Chen agreed to replace free of charge for a bag, but the premise is not for the same style of bag, if you replace the same style of bag a problem again, they're not responsible.

Chen looked at other models of bags are not really like, and ultimately chose the original style of the bag, desperation, had to sign in front of Gucci, "military order", if the bag is no longer a problem and then find them "trouble . "

After two weeks, Chen Gucci bag off the second line.

Consumer Protection Committee, who commented:

This is a terms of Overlord. "Consumer Law" and the "three laws" are the provisions of "three guarantees" period, the normal use of still not repaired twice, the operator shall be responsible according to the requirements of consumers, replacement or return. Out that the terms of the business sign for consumers to circumvent their responsibilities, have violated the "Consumer Law" principle of fairness.

Rule 4-for-potential problems in the same style then no longer be responsible for covering brand: Gucci

Potential Rule 5 other institutions no longer accept maintenance of the products involved have brands: LV, Cartier, Chanel

Chung February 2008 purchased a LV bag, shoulder strap bag for later off-line at home. This year in August, after Mr. Chung's mother saw bags to help him out a repair, the results did not take long, but also off the line.

Mr. Chung himself to the LV store, expressed willingness to pay for repairs, but after some testing and then after being told not to help him repair.

LV Commissioner said that maintenance on the outside only when the package is connected by sewing, and not in the original pin above the suture, an additional extra row of pins, so there is no way in the LV based on the repair and then help him .

In fact, many big-name merchandise for their own manipulated by others quite taboo. Press survey found that most of the big names will not accept Mr. Chung this situation.

Yesterday's again Advisory LV, still get the reply. Staff said that other agencies can not be repaired in the bag here in their maintenance, repair LV usually promised within one year after the same problem does not occur, if the bag repaired elsewhere, LV there is no way to repair the company standards.

Dior for the expression of this ambiguity, the staff said, no way to determine, depending on the circumstances bag.

Cartier and Chanel are Failing this. Cartier staff said that if the clerk could not see it closed down, but the service center to see out, with Cartier's technology is not the same bag will be directly returned to me. Chanel's staff said that depends on what Xiu, sent to France may not be considered.

And Gucci, you can repair, the staff said a single service can be as long as they maintain here.

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