Coach Purse Cleaning Service

Coach Purse Cleaning Service

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Coach Purse Cleaning Service
Can someone help me clean my purse!?

Hi everyone! ♥

So I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that can recommend a very good reputable leather care specialist that I can use to have my purses clean? I tried taking mine to Nordstrom's but they wont service it since I didn't purchase my bag from them (those bastards!)

I'm not talking about $2-3 hundred dollar Coach or D&B purses here I'm talking about $1800 - $3k bags... I don't want to send it to just anyone and end up having my bags ruined...

Pretty please help???
Thanks in advance ♥
I've tried my local dry cleaners non of them would dare take my purse for cleaning, they don't want to be liable for any damages, most of them only insure items for like up to $500 max. There's gotta be someone one out there who's taken their fancy handbags out to be cleaned somewhere!!

Inquire with a local dry cleaners as to where they send leather coats to be cleaned. The same process will be used to clean your purses.

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