Coach Purse Exchange

Coach Purse Exchange

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Coach Purse Exchange
Ladies please answer.?

Lets say your husband/boyfriend goes out and buys you a coach purse, coach handbag and a coach checkbook cover which all total cost is easily over 500$. Would you take it back and exchange it or just appreciate that he bought you such fine gifts? I mean you might still have a coach purse that you exchanged it for but wouldn't you want him to feel appreciated by sporting the purse he bought you. I mean cmon not every chick has a "real" coach purse.
to the second lady i am very very proud that i treat my wife so good and i will tell everyone about it.

I don't, I find Coach stuff dull, everyone has the fakes, some of them are pretty good copies.

I'd apprieciate that he'd gone to such efforts over the gift, but explain to him that although most girls would love a Coach set, I am not most girls and so have exchanged it for something I really like, that is 'more me'.

If he gave me a hard time about it, I'd say how disapointed I was that he didn't know me well enough to know I wouldn't like Coach. Why does he just assume that I and all other women are exactly the same?

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