Coach Purse From China

Coach Purse From China

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Coach Purse From China
Okay i need help with a coach bag info?

okay so my friend bought a coach bag with some dude who was selling them and it says
This is a coach bag. It was handcrafted in china. From the finest materials. Trimmed with genuine leather. Its superior crafstmanship and attention to detail reflect our commitment to enduring quality.
No M3u- 729

is this really a coach purse or what?

The best way to tell is to feel the leather. If you don't know leather very well, take the purse to a department store where they have $400 coach purses and compare them.

In most cases, the real stuff is thicker and it doesn't crack if you try and stretch it. It's also very soft. A real coach purse will also have impeccable stitching, there will be zero errors on the stitching.

I travel to china frequently for business and I look at the fake purses and they are obviously fake by the leather & stitching quality. I have never found a cheap "coach labeled" purse that was of any good quality. Most of these knockoff purses are sold to people who can read labels but have no sense for appreciating the actual quality. There are obvious differences, it's not hard to tell them apart.

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