Coach Purse From China

Coach Purse From China

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Coach Purse From China
Is my Coach bag fake?

The little paragraph says...

This is a Coach bag. It was hand crafted in China from the finest materials trimmed with geniune leather. Its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect our commitment to enduring quality.

and then there is the serial #
*also... it has a metal instead of leather tag
*the C's are in the right pattern
*"Coach" is engraved on the metal strap connector thingy
*the serial code has 5 numbers after the dash
*when I rub the outside of the purse, the C"s don't bulge out

Most Coach bags ARE made in China nowadays,they have been for several years.Different bags can have 3,4 or 5 numbers after the dash,depending on the style.However,this does not guarantee that yours is real,because many fakes nowadays have creed patches,some even have the correct number inside.
Most Coach hangtags are made from leather-but there are a few exceptions that have metal.
Would it be possible to post pictures of the bag?(and/or post the complete number that is on your creed patch)The outside,the creed patch and the hardware that is engraved?That might help to determine.

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