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Coach Purse Gift Cards

How To Destress Yourself In 30 Min Or Less From Your Internet Business

As a mom of two active boys I found myself trying to do it all. I tried to be a super mom but instead I was getting headaches, drinking coffee all day long and taking care of the house, homeschooling, building my internet business, coaching, cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning and let me not forget I had to look decent and do not forget to take my pjs off and put some makeup on.

One day I looked at myself in the mirrow and I saw an exhausted woman who once had a passion for life, energy and I wanted to be myself again. My Internet Business was more exhausting to me and I did not enjoy building it.  I had to ask myself "How Can I Get Back To Where I Was Before"? Only now I had to adjust my life and my schedule around kids and my business.

My first step was meditation. I started listening to mediation music, read about how we can manage our mind and our energy and learning how to apply it all to my busy life.

My second step was to take care of my body. I was putting it off and getting lazy and finding excuses of not going to gym and that eating chocolate every day was ok in any amount. Seven months later I am 40 pounds lighter. I am a happy person and it brought me confidence. What I did is spending 30 min a few times a week walking or just doing stretching and dancing..

Destressing your life does not have to be stressful. It is about taking few simple steps. Women are natural mother hens and we take care of our kids, our husbands, friends, friends of our friends, our parents, neighbours, cooking dinners for the sick in the family and then kaboom - we wind up with migraines, stomack aches and just wondering why we feel miserable after all.

Today I am happy with the way I feel.  I can multitask on a daily basis, building my internet business, writing, connectingw , homeschooling my six year old and taking care of myself because it all started with taking care of myself.

On a serious note stress is the leading cause of many diseases. It can contribute to stroke, heart attack, depression and digestive problems. With the right mindset we can make our life simpler.

There are 7 things I personally recommend to do in order to get your life back on track.

1. Take time to get up earlier so you can spend 20 min meditating. It could be a prayer, reading your favorite book about inspiration, motivation etc.

2. Enjoying morning with good cup of cofee or tea. Do not rush! Enjoy aromas of breakfast coffee. It smells the best in the morning, doesn't it?

3. Think of yourself as the most important person in life..Take care of yourself: your face, your body, your hair.. Take a relaxing shower or bath with candles in the evening. Pamper yourself.. It is very important. We all have same amount of time during the day and if you donot do it for yourself, nobody will do it for you unless someone will give you spa gift card that you will lose among the receipts in your purse.

4. Exercise every day. I turn music on every day and dance with my kids. It makes them laugh, dance and have fun and I have become a healthier ME.

5. Love yourself unconditionally. Things happen. Life does not wait sometimes to give us a break. It is a like an ocean wave that is constantly coming back.

6. Take a break from your business if you have to.. Your business is going to be there when you return from your break but you must recharge your batteries.

7.  Read any self improvement books. I recommend Tony Robbins, Sanya Roman and Esther Hicks.

In summary, just learn to relax. It is not going to happen right way but with practice you will learn to take charge of your life and create better YOU.

About the Author

Tatyana Gann is a business coach, a marketing trainer and a stay at home of two gourgeous boys. She resides in Nashville TN with her family. To Learn more about Tatyana Gann and her coaching go to

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