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Coach Purse Identifier

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Your Coach Bag Is A Fake

There are several tips to help you identify which Coach handbags are real, and which are fakes.

1. With the exception of the smaller purses, almost all Coach bags include a serial number on the lining. The serial number typically includes a series of letter and numbers. The style number of the bag should match the last few digits of the serial number. Be aware though that some knockoffs may also include a fake serial number, which requires further search on your part to determine if the bag is a fraud.

2. Check the stitching on the bag. Most fakes have an irregular or crooked patter, which obviously would not be found on a real Coach bag.

3. Most newer bags will have "Coach" stamped on the metal fixtures. Coach also uses YKK zipper pulls, which will be stamped on the zipper itself. Fake bags will not have YKK zipper pulls.

4. Never buy a Coach bag from an outdoor market. Street vendors typically sell knockoffs. However, if a knockoff is what you want, and the quality and price is good, then who is to say not to buy one.

5. When buying on the internet, check store website ratings, or seller feedback if purchased through an auction site. Ratings will typically indicate if the seller sell knockoffs or the real deal. In addition, compare the seller's photographs to actual photographs on the Coach website.

6. A helpful tip is to window shop at department stores and familiarize yourself with the Coach bags. This can be your greatest asset in identifying real or fake bags.

Have fun shopping, and trust your instincts when buying!

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