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Lessons From Luggage - Plan Your Business's High Payoff Voyage

Copyright (c) 2008 Linda Feinholz

I just finished unpacking my bags after six weeks of travel. As I put things away I found myself reviewing whether it had been worth carrying each item with me for the duration of the trip. I kept thinking back to my vision for them all those weeks back.

Luggage, and how we use it, is a great reflection of how we live our business lives.

Why do I say that? Because the way we carry and use our luggage in travel is much like the way we carry the 'luggage' of our Know How and skills and use our resources through our business lives.

My coaching clients have shown me that most of the time they're unaware of what result they get from their old ideas, old decision-making habits and old communication style. They carry that luggage with them each day as they go to meetings, solve the challenges that arise, and strategize the growth of their business. And their shoulders ache.

I hauled a load of luggage for six weeks - 37 pounds of clothes and books, 16 pounds of computer, back up drive, cell phone and cables and work papers, and the ever present 6 pound oversized purse to use each day.

I regret about half of the clothes. But I wouldn't have left them out despite the weight of hauling them from plane to metro to hotel to ship, etc. in 8 locations. My shoulders were aching from the weight, yet I knew why I was carrying each item and how I intended to use it.

Have you noticed, your shoulders are arching, probably with old luggage rather than what you actually need on your trip.

I used the following 3 steps last week to help one of my client's look at where she's headed, what's needed to get there. She took a fresh look at the baggage of old skills and habits she was hauling along and why her shoulders were aching.

These steps will ensure you're getting the best value out of what you're taking with you.

Step 1 - Evaluate where you're headed

Identify what you 'really' need to take with you. I knew I was going to be in weather that ranged from 21C/70sF to 40C/100+F on a regular basis, with a wonderful alpine side trip to a glacier where the temperature would be as low as freezing with gusting wind. I knew I'd be taking clothes that could be layered so I wouldn't have to take multiple wardrobes. And I knew that meant I'd be seeing clothes I'd not be wearing every time I opened my suitcase.

Where are you and your team heading? Do you know the conditions you'll encounter on the journey?

Step 2 - Review what you're carrying with you

Many of the items I had in my suitcase were purchased specifically for this trip. I When I did some research knew that what I already owned wouldn't serve me on this particular trip. The world has changed since I last traveled and there were several items that became apparent as missing from my travel took kit: locks, laundry cord, cotton skirts, 3 oz bottles for the fluids I'd be taking with me.

You and your team have years of experience and Know How. Do you know what you have on hand in skills and talents and resources?

Once you can name what you need it leads naturally to

Step 3 - Locate where you can get what you need now for your trip

Some of the resources I needed were easily found - the corner drug store and every other shop in the city is selling the new locks.

Cotton skirts that were precisely what I was looking for took 10 shopping trips and that's devotion - I hate to shop!

Worst of all - those little innocent "3-ounce bottles". I knew I needed to carry right up to the limit and when I saw the industry standard of 2 ounce and 4 ounce sizes it made me nuts! Round bottles waste a great deal of space in the required plastic pouch and no one had 3-ouncers. That meant lots of wasted space! After weeks of searching, I found newly released 3-ounce flat containers in a beauty supply store.

Why did I spend all that time on these 3 steps? I knew it would be High Payoff if I could find those resources. And in fact the trip was smooth sailing once I had those resources as I didn't have to give them any further attention for six whole weeks of travel.

The result for my client? She realized that she needs to delegate 30% of the work she now does so that she'll have the time and attention to grow her company. She now knows she doesn't need someone full-time, nor in her same city, nor even time zone. She needs a person she can reliably hand work off to and know it will be done properly. Period. Her perfect next resource is a Virtual Assistant.

So, what's the tool you need for the next project or business challenge you're facing? Are the resources you're planning to use really a fit? Are they High Payoff or will they actually slow you down and demand ongoing time and attention?

Now's the time to evaluate the luggage you're carrying with you and see if it's still a fit for your journey.

About the Author

Management expert, consultant, and coach Linda Feinholz is "Your High payoff Catalyst." Linda publishes the free weekly newsletter The Spark! to subscribers world-wide and delivers targeted solutions, practical skills and simple ways to build your business. If you're ready to focus on your High Payoff activities, accelerate your results and have more fun at it, get your FREE tips like these visit her site at

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