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Coach Purse Korea

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Coach Purse Korea
If I buy a Coach Purse in Korea and sell it on EBay to make a profit, is this illegal, or Black Marketing?

I am in Korea and they have Coach Purses for $50... can I buy some and sell them on EBay and make a LEGAL profit? Or is this Illegal, and where can I find it in writing? Does anyone know the real answer to this?


1) the "Coach" bags you see are NOT real Coach bags.

even in Korea, a real Coach would cost a lot more than that.

2) DON'T even think about listing that crap on ebay. you WILL be caught.

3) it is a FEDERAL crime to sell COUNTERFEIT goods anywhere.

4) if you feel the need to see this "law" in writing , then by all means please post your question to the ebay Trust and Safety board here:

5) if you do list them, i can guarantee you that your ebay account will be NARUed ASAP.

there is your REAL answer.


as to this: "its illegal even if it was a real coach purse."

that is wrong. real coach bags can be and are sold every day on ebay.

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