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Coach Purse Manufacturer Location

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Bag source purse distribution networks of the success in attracting a large number of commercial franchise shop in stores-chanel handbags

With the rapid development of online shopping in the fire, the Internet shopping site on the mushrooming prosperity. Where the relatively well-known passenger Eslite, Jingdong Mall, red kids, McCaw Lin, et al. Bags wholesale shopping websites the network, Juicy Handbags there wheat bags, bags sources, tree bags, a product package, a large number of bags into the packet network retail and wholesale sites.

Development and positioning of a website are not determine its development. According to industry professionals predicted that the source is the positioning of bags wheat bags will be the future one of the most powerful competitive rivals.

System view "bag source" model of e-commerce retail sector with the boxes are similar boss wheat bags, which always include a consumer-centric business philosophy, and in this spirit that the establishment of e-commerce under the command of model is being gradually become the mainstream mode of B 2 C, a new B 2 C mode. It is precisely because consumers decide what plants to the production, manufacturing number, product manufacturers will not fall into the quagmire of poor sales. This customization will be "perilous leap" forward to before the production processes of goods, seized the largest consumer who wishes to buy in large part to avoid the commercial risk, but also can receive the maximum return.

Not difficult to see, "wheat bags," the success of professional success, and "bag source" of success is a new combination of creativity and service. Is focused on the success of the user experience is the customization of success. Although the general view was that e-commerce in the face of the consumer market means that the face of tremendous pressure for cost control, Gucci Handbags but the "bag source" with actions that cost control is rooted in the professional production management system and smooth the industrial chain, and customized user-centric services can bring the maximum profit and minimum risk.

Proposed new service concept bag source, location services and original design, as a luggage wholesale agent distribution platform. Bag from the factory set up, grasp the amount of primary sources and excellent products. Cooperation with many brands to go diversified line of bags.

Current source and shopex bag depth alliance to force the wholesale distribution network, in order to allow customers can rest assured that shopping bag source present in Alibaba on a web site, and the bag itself has opened the source site and Alipay Tenpay wait a variety of security shopping and returned committed to seven days without charge for no reason, ED Hardy Handbags so that members of the wholesale agent truly worry-free.

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