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Coach Purse Manufacturing

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Tutilo Mens Designer Briefcase Work Handbag With Laptop Sleeve Tutilo Mens Designer Briefcase Work Handbag With Laptop Sleeve
List Price: $148.00
Sale Price: $59.99

This Tutilo Mens Designer Handbag is a virtual office shoulder bag, travel, and work bag. It features a padded laptop sleeve for your gadget essentials and comes with interior and exterior pockets so you can store as much as needed...

Coach Purse Manufacturing
How do you cope with nepotism @ work?????

I work in a manufacturing family owned business (husband & wife). the wife's neice works in the office, as do I. The wife is always spoiling the neice with raises, coach purses, lunch, and they kiss each others ass constantly!!! I told the husband about the last raise the wife gave to the neice and he freaked out!!!!! Well now the wife is being rude to me and her and the neice just sit there and gossip about me behind me back.....I'm on the verge of quitting. I didnt go into work today because I need a mental break from all this kiddy drama, but i have no idea what to now!!! I seriously feel like that I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Any advice would be great!!

Thank you : )

*PS: i work 60 hours a week while the neice works 2-1/2 days and gets to choose the days she works.

That is part of the risk at working at a small family run business, you get that sort of thing. It won't change and given the economy, finding another job isn't easy so you may just have to put up with it until the general economic situation gets better. Just try to hang on.

I don't have to cope with nepotism where I work as our human resources policies say that people who are related cannot work in the same depts together.

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