Coach Purse Parties Jewelry

Coach Purse Parties Jewelry

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Coach Purse Parties Jewelry
outfit with red stilletos?

ahhh my mind is totally blank! one of my friends is having a graduation party tmw (yes i know its early) but i have no idea what to wear. i got a pair of really sexy new red stilletos but i dont know what to pair it up with.

skinny jeans? or will regular ones work?
what kind of top? short sleeves, long sleeves? (dont wanna go in a tank)
and what color should the top be??
plus, what about jewelry?

i cant think of anythingg right now. and i reaaaallly want to wear the heels. thanks for all your help!!

oh and i got a really cute coach purse too so i want that to go with the outfit. but even without would be ok. purses are no problem.

thanks again!!!
oh and no dresses please. i dont really feel like wearing one.

dark blue skinny jeans.. a red 3/4 length turtleneck (depending where you live--if not just a cute red top) and with a long gold necklace..

also, i would put your hair in rollers with a red headband!

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