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Coach Purse Registry Numbers

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Designer Diaper Bags-Are the worth the price?

As a new mom I've learned a few things about baby stuff. You buy items and only use them for a few months till he/she has out grown them. I was told by many mothers, only get what you need. This is so true! I never bought a changing table, a diaper genie or a wipes warmer. I use the floor, crib, couch or any place that I can place him on the floor fast enough to get that diaper off and a new one on. I can warm any baby wipe with my hands before using. When throwing away diapers, I make sure to use scented garbage bags and close the lid.  His baby swing I used when he was an infant to 3 months. Never really used the bouncer. He didn't care for it.

The one item I do use a lot is his diaper bag. Everywhere I go, it goes with me. I love mine because it's black, practical, large and durable. It's made by Cater and retails for about $35.00. There are several lines of expensive designer diaper bags. I didn't even realize that Coach made diaper bags. I love Coach Purses. I have an older model and I hope to one day get a new one soon. Purses can range from $200-600.00 or more. Diaper bags are not far from that price range. Paying a large price for a diaper bag that's going to get spit up on, formula spilled, dirty diapers shoved in, pieces of cookie, teething biscuit, poop or pee'd in cloths or anything else that ends up in there seems to be a waste of good money. Being a mom and looking stylish kind of goes out the window. Carrying a crying baby or having your son spit up on your designer cloths just doesn't make you a super model. I don't know what new mom's are thinking when they buy an expensive bag like that. Your new son or daughter is going to be number one priority. Making them happy is going to be most important to you. Not the fancy bag. Save the money girls and get a cheaper, cute bag that's functional or place it on your registry and hope to get one at your baby shower.

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