Coach Purse Replica

Coach Purse Replica

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Coach Rare Limited 58 of 130 Vintage Bonnie Cashin Replica Leather Bag
Coach Rare Limited 58 of 130 Vintage Bonnie Cashin Replica Leather Bag
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Coach Purse Replica
when u buy real coach they give u paperwork??? how do u know it's not a replica?

i have found a lot of websites that sell do u know when ur buying a real purse????????

You should use this guide to figure out of your purse is authentic or not...I use it whenever I think about buying one from ebay or any other sites just because I don't want anything fake...

Comparison List, use these marks & signs to determine if the Coach item you purchased is authentic, or if you got duped;

1. The Leather: if you purchased a leather product, the feel of the leather is like butter, compared to a more stiff, and thick piece on the fake. If it has leather or suede trim, you can feel the difference in that too, feel the strap, smell it, there is a clear difference. In addition, all leather Coach products have at least 1 Coach stamp on it, whether it be on the lower end of 1 side, or on the leather that attaches the shoulder strap to the bag, look for it, it is there, if you find it examine it closely, make sure the word 'Coach' is outlined and beneath it is says 'Leatherware' and beneath that is has '1941'. If the leather stamp it is sewn on, or has stitching around it, it may be fake.

2. Coach Jacquered Signature Fabric: whether it be the original signature collection or the mini-signature collection, the 'CC' design varies just a slight amount on the replica, the 'C' is either slightly elongated or is too narrow and the way they face each other is slightly off, and again, the fabric is a bit thicker and on the replica it is NOT stain resistant, if you pour a little bit of water on the authentic bag, it bubbles up on the replica it seeps in. You can tell by looking at the quality of the fabric, use your best judgment, if it looks fake it probably is.

3. The Inside Emblem Tag, Creed Patch: This is where the knock-off designers are getting better, they are taking actual imprinted tags and copying them exactly, the wording USED to be different, but todays replicas have actual wording in them (the good replicas do anyway) if it is missing a serial #, it is obviously a fake. The leather is always the same soft supply feel, and a lot of times, if the bag is from a Coach Store (outlet) it will have a small stamp on the corner, it will look like a hole punch, without puncturing the leather. This little circle is a good indication the bag is authentic.

Here is how to tell if the Creed is fake:
Creed Examples:
REAL: NoM05J-117
(letters & numbers are flush, no spaces)
FAKE: No M05J - 117
(if there are ANY spaces, ANYWHERE in the creed- it is NOT real)

4. The Stitching: On authentic Coach bags the stitch they use on and around the leather is very small & tight, it NEVER is uneven, on the replicas there is always larger stitches & they almost always are crooked in at least 3 spots, especially on the interior around the Coach leather tag. But this is getting better on newer replicas.

5. The Fob: More & more these designers are getting REAL Coach fobs & putting them on a fake Coach bag, so never judge a bag solely on its fob. However, the fake fobs are EASY to spot: A fake metal fob will peel (it is not a solid piece it is almost always plated), a real one is stamped on the front & on the back is a tiny stamp horizontally across the edge. The REAL leather fobs, again, have perfect stitching, and a fake one does not, the stitching tends to be all over the place and often times a lonely thread will be sticking out where the last sloppy stitch was placed. Fake fobs also tend to be a bit chubbier, they appear thicker. The font on the fakes is also off, you can always tell the difference by holding a fake & an authentic fob next to one another- the fakes font is TALLER and looks weird.

6. The Hardware: Any authentic Coach hardware is stamped with the word 'Coach' with an outline, the word is boxed in- on the replicas it is either not stamped at all, or if it is stamped it is not boxed in, if it is boxed in the word 'Coach' will appear taller than the authentic stamp, the authentic stamp in comparison is shorter & wider rather than tall skinny letters. But again, the Coach emblem is always stamped on every piece of hardware, and buttons bear the 'Coach*Est.1941'. If the bag or accessory has any 'O-Rings' they will be continuous circles, and they are made very well, you will not be able to tell where the break in the circle is because they are welded and do not spin, and if the strap has a key hook on it it will be the same color & the same size as the O-Ring. The fake bags O-Rings always spin & you can see the opening, not to mention it is usually plated to look like brass, where as the real bag is made of actual brass or heavy duty metal.

7. Interior Lining: Authentic bag are usually lined with either cotton or satin fabric. If it is the silk 'CC' signature fabric (refer to telling the difference in the signatures) it is probably real, fake bags do not make good quality signature satin, so they avoid using it (it

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