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Coach Purse Replicates

What Did That Designer Handbag Cost?

For as long as I can remember, I have been totally obsessed with designer handbags. The majority of my youth was spent dreaming of the day when I could afford to buy my favorite designer handbags. Now,here I am, some ten years later, still dreaming about that day. Though I have been known to skip out on my bills to get the latest trendy handbag, I have not yet spent more than $1000.00 on an individual bag. That doesn't mean I can't dream, right?

I was flipping through some catalogs over the weekend, and I was amazed at how terribly expensive some of the high-end designer handbags really are. Everyone knows they are expensive, but I had no clue how very expensive. Oh...the naiveté of youth! At that point, I thought it would be useful for our legion of faithful readers to have a handy reference of the most expensive designer handbags in the world. Here, for your viewing pleasure, the list:

This one has been written about countless times in the media and in the blogosphere, but I simply cannot resist this little jewel! If I were made to indicate an all-time favorite design house, Fendi would be the one. I am dumbfounded as to how they manage to do it, but they are repeatedly able to strike an incredible balance between innovation and classic design in every one of their creations. Fendi designs some of the most gorgeous handbags in the fashion industry. The "B.Bag" is one of the most coveted handbags in the world. You would think a $30,000 price tag might be a deterrent, however, ladies with the means are unable to resist the bag's charms.

A handbag that has given me way too many sleepless nights is the notorious Hermes "Birkin" bag! These bags were named after Jane Birkin, the glamorous British actress and legendary fashion icon. These bags are often copied, but never truly replicated. At a price tag exceeding $20,000, it is easy to understand why they are a favorite to copy among vendors of cheap, imitation handbags. You are probably well aware, these bags are available by special order only. Furthermore, the final costs will very much be dependent on the materials and hardware you choose to have used in their construction. You will surely need a sugar daddy for this one.

If I had to name one other bag that creeps into my dreams with any regularity, it would be the "Muse" from Yves Saint Laurent. It is very much like a regular bowling bag in shape and design. When first I saw her, it was at Saks on Fifth Ave in NYC, and from that moment I knew one day she would be my very own. If I had my way, I would go with the lovely white crocodile version. I can truly think of nothing I would rather spend $20,000 on...aside from the "Birkin" bag mentioned above. I would make the very best girlfriend! Do you want to go shopping sometime?

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