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Coach Purse Reviews

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Coach Purse Reviews
I have a few random questions :)?

1. What is your everyday morning and night routine? (Including hair and makeup etc)

2. What is your favorite hair brand? (Herbal Essences, John Frieda etc)

3. What would be a good hair routine for a girl with medium length hair that is wavy, poofy, and sometimes frizzy?

4. What is something that is currently on your wishlist that you want to buy really bad?

5. Do you own a designer purse? (Coach, Chanel etc)

6. Do you own a laptop?

7. Should I get a laptop?

8. If you own a laptop, what kind is it? Any reviews?

9. What are your favorite books?

10. What do you carry in your purse?

11. Any amazing hair products that you absolutely love?

Last one... I promise lol 🙂

12. Best shampoo and conditioner?

1.MORNING-wash mi face,bush mi teeth,clean up.....NIGHT-eat sum,take a bath,talk on da phone(maybe),text,and watch tv till i fall asleep
2.Doo Gro
3.Umm..maybe flat ion with sum good flat ions(i dont reallknowno best advice i have)
4.designer purse(any1 kno where sum r under100 dats not a REPLICA)
5.NO =(
7.YES...i think that they can really come in handy(internet would be gud)
8.Gateway..i LOVE it!! has a web cam built on
9.Umm...i liked PUSH(based of da movie precious),MOMMYS ANGEL,JASON&KYRA...&&MORE
10.wallet,lotion,comb,lip gloss,gum,pen/pencil(opt.),cellphone,deodorantnt(sometimes)
11.Doo Gro
12.Doo Gro

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