Coach Purse Sale Craigslist

Coach Purse Sale Craigslist

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Garage Sales, Craigslist, Ebay or What! TripleClick?

My garage was full of furniture and art work used to stage homes when the real estate business was more lucrative. I wanted to have a garage sale, but didn't have the manpower to fully execute  a full day of dragging furniture on my front lawn, driving through the neighborhood to post flyers and actually work the sale.  I decided to sale the items locally on Craigslist to make some extra cash.   After pulling everything out, I took pictures and uploading each item and set a reasonable prices.  To my surprise, within minutes I started getting emails and phone calls.

The only problem with Craigslist is everyone needs to comes to your house to view and negotiate the price. But they also came to pay and pickup.  It was ok for my first round.  I made a whopping $859 in one day.  This was pretty good for one day in a local market.

Round two was not as great as round one. In round two I had over 50 pair of high heel boots and shoes I never wore (I have a slight shoe fetish) and maybe another 50 garments of cloths I never wore (I use to be a shop-o-holic, I've learned).  I also included never used designer inspired handbags, better known as replicas as well as many other misc. items.   I wasn’t moving these items as fast as I wanted.  So I start looking for other options.

I looked into Ebay, but it seem too techie and with the auction like platform, it just made things more confusing to me.  What I then found was what  I considered an opportunity for EVERYONE.  Why! Because it was an international online shopping mall or online garage sale shopping site called TripleClick.   This gave me a broader audience to sell my stuff.  It was simple and just as easy as using Craigslist. 

You can use TripleClick as your online garage sale to replace the stuff cluttering up your closets, attics, and garage with cash in your pocket or exchange it for other stuff available on the site.   Anyone can buy and sell products new or used.

So, I uploaded those Coach bags and Parda bag replica, sexy high heel boots and pumps, and new never worn garments to TripleClick and the inquires are coming in from all over the world.   Once someone makes a purchase, I get an email confirming that all fees have been collected (including shipping charges) and that it's ok for me to ship the merchandise.  A shipping lable is also including, so I print and ship.

TripleClick is a bargin hunters paradise.  Browse thousands of quality used items including collectibles and items availabe no where else.  New items are added daily.  Haggle for the best price and snatch bargins for pennies on the dollar.  So, no that there are other options other than a garage sale, Craigslist, or even Ebay that you can use to sale your unwanted stuff.

Learn more about TripleClick and other opportunities for online shopping and how you can make some extra cash online by selling your unwanted stuff.






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