Coach Purse Symbols

Coach Purse Symbols

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Coach Purse Black and Tan with Coach Symbols
Coach Purse Black and Tan with Coach Symbols
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Authentic Leather and Fabric with C Symbol Coach Wristlet Purse Wallet
Authentic Leather and Fabric with C Symbol Coach Wristlet Purse Wallet
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COACH Shoulder bag tote bag COACH Shoulder bag tote bag
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Coach Purse Symbols
Bring my Louis Vuitton to school?

Im entering 10th grade. I have the 2004 version of the Louis Vuitton Houstan. Its a medium sized tote version with the regular symbols. It is authentic. My mom bought it for herself but recently has been using a Gucci bag for herself. Its in excellent condition but the straps have darkened.

I have the OK from her to bring it to school, as long as its in my locked locker when Im not carrying it. I will only be putting folders in it, no textbooks. Do you think this will be ok? Is it a cool thing to have? I also have a small Dooney purse, and am saving up for a Coach hobo bag. Thanks
Maybe if I brought the Dooney/Coach bags on other days and the Louis only once in awhile?? Like definatly the first day 🙂
Oh and I find the 2004 version much more attractive than the 2007, but thats just me 🙂 LOL
To those who are wondering, I am in all honor/AP classes. Im in a JR level math class and a JR level science class. You can be smart and have style 🙂

First think about whether or not you are responsible, and how many things you have lost, both big and small. If you really want that attention and popularity (which you'll obviously get after bringing it 2 school) then bring it, but you'll have to be incredibly careful with it and make sure it doesn't rip or whatever. It's gonna be like one of those fake babies they give you to show you what it's like, except more expensive. If you know that you're irresponsible and lose things easily, don't bring it to school. But if you haven't lost anything big recently or anything at all for a while, go for it. I have an LV bag, too (not like yours) and I bring it to school, but I carry it around with me constantly and never put it down somewhere and leave it.

Now pretty please can I have the best answer? 🙂

BTW it's fun to show off.

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