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How To Differentiate Authentic Designer Handbags From Fake Ones

Authentic designer handbags from all top brands at discounts are available from almost all the online shopping stores. They have attractive offers on the original prices and they all guarantee that their products are original and that they can be trusted vendors. But it is our duty to do enough research on the site and make a sure the handbags you are to buy is actually authentic and not a fake one.

The refurbished industry offers used designer handbags in new like condition with no flaws or signs of it been used before. But there are many players who cheat the customers under the name of authentic designer handbags and sell them fake items. This happens more with the online stores as its easy cheat through online medium.

The authentic designer handbags are nothing but used handbags which are cleaned and restored for it to be used again. The vendor presents his products all fresh and then offers discounts on designer purses and handbags. These items are not replicated designs of the brands but the original designer handbags with all the features and most importantly the official signature of the brand. Products of brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada and many more are offered and they carry their originality with them.

Whereas with fake products are those which are only look a likes. They neither bear the brands logo nor any of its authentic features. But these days the fake products have also managed to get the exact logo of brands faked and this makes it quite difficult to spot the difference. In order to be able to spot the difference you need to know certain facts of your favorite brands. It does not matter if you intend to buy an authentic or a fake, but being able to accurately make out the difference between the two is essential.

The very first level of your mission will be to visit the site that offers discount designer handbags and check if it is certified and study the characteristics of the all the products listed. Look if the products displayed have the exact features as of the original ones. If you not sure with the pictures as they can be taken from the official website then pay attention the prices for each handbag. If the prices offered are too cheap then you might like to compare them with other sites. If this particular site is being too generous then there are possibilities of it being a fake.

Another thing that you should take notice of is the colors of the handbag you are examining. For example a Louis Vuitton designer handbag’s strap changes its color from light to dark over time. This feature is seen clear in every product of Louis Vuitton brand. If the product displayed lacks this feature, or a product with this feature is tagged under another brand’s name then you just spotted a fake handbag. Also analyze the logo of the bag and the prints. If the prints are not symmetrical and clean you know what it is.

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