Coach Purse Video

Coach Purse Video

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Coach Purse Video
What was the top 3 greatest things you got for Christmas?

Mine was the:
Coach purse ( its kinda small cuz im in 8th grade) with Juicy change purse!

All the long sleeve shirts I got!

And the video game including Guitar Hero 3 and Sims 2: Castaway!! And that Tench coat I got! Also the Uggs but I have to return them cuz they were to small!

Also whats the most embarassing gift? I got 8 pairs of underwear! 😛

And You??

I really didn't get anything for Christmas. Money is kind of tight in our house and we have to deal with moving houses and all the other things. It doesn't seem like Christmas for me. It hasn't seemed like Christmas for me for 5 yrs. The only time i got a present from my parents was when I was 7. 🙁 It sucks being poor!

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