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Coach Purse Website

Online Shopping Experience For Coach Purses Of My Mother And Mine

Me and my mother planned to buy a coach bag for our first Christmas in New York. When we visited some outlet, we were deeply disappointed about the price. Our target price is $60. But the lowest price in the outlet for Coach is $150. We couldn't afford this, especially when our brother need to go to colleage. So we turned to buy at coach outlet store online.

Actually we don't mind find replica bags as a replacement. We tried many websites. First Ebay, then Amazon, then even tried to chat with our friends on Facebook. However, we failed. There are many website selling fake coach handbags. But their price is even higher than authentic ones. For example, one classic signature Coach purse only sells at $120 in one outlet. But most online shops sells over $170. Even all the people on the earth know they are selling fakes.

Until one day, we luckly searched at Google. Among over 1200 searching results, we find the the right one. Very good price, satisfied service, fast delivery. All we were looking for is perfectly fullfilled.

Finally we buy 2 coach bags from then. One is for me. And the other one is for my mom. Although she had so many coach purses in stock, she love the new one.

3 Years later, I grow up from a little girl. Now I have my own family and my children now. Life is giving me more and more pressure. I have children to feed. And I owe Bank of America over 60,000 USD for my new house. So even though I hope to buy one or two new purses, I don't put one cent on buying new bags. Coach is so far away from me.

One day I remembered that website and tried to visited it. Coach outlet is the right place that I have come. I am not disappointed. I saw many latest coach bags. I bought two once more. All for me. I am happy again just as if I am still a kid.

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