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How to Tell Designer Handbags from Replica Handbags (Part Two)

Certain handbags, especially the more pricey ones, will have a serial number attached inside.  If you have purchased your handbag from a particular designer in the past and you know it to always carry a serial number, and then you should look for that every time you purchase a bag from that label. Other indicates are the ‘painting’ or printing of the label instead of stamping.  Many bags will have their names stamped into the leather, or the body of the handbag, or sometimes stamped into the metal hardware of the handbag as well.  Often times, replica handbags will merely print the name onto the material.  If you look closely enough and actually feel the name, you should be able to determine whether it is stamped into the material or just sits on its surface.  Knock-off bag companies do not spend the extra money required to stamp each name into the replicas.

Another way to tell handbags replica  from designer handbags is by looking at the hardware itself.  Check to see if the bag matches. In other words, check if your purse has a brass handle and an off-gold-tone closure.  Your hardware should also be in pristine condition, and free from any scratches, dents or scrapes.  If you bought the bag yourself, chances are you know from whom you purchased the bag from, and if they were a reputable dealer.  If it was a gift, however, and you have no way of knowing where the bag was sold, be sure to inspect the hardware for signs of wear and tear. 

Sometimes, designers will include an authenticity card in with their bag.  It will generally be found inside the handbag itself when first opened from the package.  Most often, it is found in a zipper enclosure inside the bag.  Inquire from the designer’s representative whether that bag is to have an authenticity card, and if so, make sure yours is included.

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