Coach Signature Leather

Coach Signature Leather

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Coach Signature Embossed Leather Cut to Size Reversible Belt F64827 Black Coach Signature Embossed Leather Cut to Size Reversible Belt F64827 Black
Sale Price: $71.48

Coach Men's Signature Embossed Leather Reversible Belt with polished metal buckle. Embossed and smooth leather combination. Cut-to-size for custom fitting.

Coach Signature Leather
Tips for cleaning my Coach handbags?

I have two Coach signature handbags, a white one and a pink one. Since they are such light colors, it has been very hard to keep them clean. I was just in the Coach store today and they recommended their Signature Cleaner which is specifically for the signature bags, not leather or suede. I tried it on both bags when I got home, following the salesman's instructions as well as the instructions on the bottle, and from what I can tell, it has made no difference. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if anyone knows of another way to get my purses clean without damaging the fabric. Thanks!
This is not a leather purse, it is made of Italian jacquard.
They are expensive handbags, real Coach, not some cheap knockoffs that will fall apart.

Just go to New York
You can buy a new on for 15 to 20 on the street.
My wife does.

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