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Tips of Abercrombie to Be Survived in Economic Crisis

The economic crisis is a major reshuffle. 3 Practices that May Bring Scathe to Your Elegant abercrombie After the end of this shuffle what is been left behind will be the luxury goods industry core with a relatively smaller scale, but has a stronger the strength. Really?! Blanchette Wear Abercrombie & fitch in Shindy! The latest survey shows, to want to safely spend depression period, either the brands take the policy to make small profits but quick turnover or insist on offer fine quality and good brand image, depend on the support of faithful clients to pass the crisis.abercrombie and fitch clothing , Most Special New Arrivals for Beauty

Because the price factor is more sensitive during economic depression, most of brands can reduce the price to pass difficult time. However, there are minority brands to choose their positions, do not compromise with dangerous current situation. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès are the representatives. Chanel diamond-shaped handbag is in a still high price, rising in bad situation rather fall. Louis Vuitton has maintained a steady and profitable trend and insist on no discounting by virtue of their own superiority in the Asian market, which creates a high-quality image. Hermès avoided a large portion of risk with the consistent and upper price, at the same time, limiting the tradition of the customized services also helped it to save the unnecessary pre-investment. The fashion blog said:" I believe real luxury consumers will not be affected by the economic crisis, because probably their incomes are not paid on monthly basis." Victoria Beckham who buys Birkin handbags crazily is the best example.

In turn, as middle-class consumers turn to look for inexpensive alternatives, mid-range brands like Coach wins their own spring. In the "W Score" report, Coach won the throne which the competitiveness was the strongest with the score of 92.7. Williams said, "On the basis of displaying the products of higher price, Coach introduced some more populist styles to meet the consumer psychology. This kind of measures is quite useful. I think the key to the success of this company is following the needs of the customers."

Of course, in the same market, even profitable brands can not avoid the impact of economic environment. Chanel laid off 200 people earlier this year. CEO of Hermès Patrick Thomas said clearly: "We are facing the crisis, the entire luxury industry can not turn a blind eye to it. It is impossible to imagine that Hermès can get rid of it." In this case, the brand must invest in incision. Chanel don`t cut their [Paris – Moscow" Advanced Hand Workshop series and the [Paris – Venice" early spring vacation series due to reductions in spending. Furthermore, two films "Coco avant Chanel" and "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" which reflect Coco Chanel's life story also showed in 2009. Channel has always maintained a high media exposure rate, its acquisition of seven workshops will provide customers with hand implies that the superb quality of their products.

Its non-discount policy is not only confined to high-end luxury goods. Outdoor Brand Timberland still decided to expand its high-end line, Timberland Boot Co. in serious situation. The brand relies on loyal customers who are accumulated for years. And the Abercrombie & Fitch refuses to cut prices in the risk of suffering a deficit. According to a report, the company`s net loss is as high as 26.8 million U.S. dollars. And sale in May falls by 23.5 percentage points compared with last year. "We spent a lot of years to build the brand, and our competitiveness was in quality, style and shopping experience, rather than price. "A&F CEO Mike Jeffries said. GaryWilliams gave a positive assessment about the measures of A & F: "Although their situation became critical, from the perspective of the brand image, they still had the strong competitiveness."

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