Fake Coach Purse Sale

Fake Coach Purse Sale

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Fake Coach Purse Sale
purse sale question please help.?

Ok so I'm going to sell purses that I dnt use anymore ima make a yard sale but I dnt know what prices to put like I'm selling 2 kathy van zeeland and those cost 60 bucks each what would be a good price oh they look new I put 25-30 bucks. I am also selling guess and one cost 60 bucks and I'm selling it for 30 bucks. I'm also selling 2 coach purses they r fake but they cost me 40 bucks each and they also look brand new what would be a good price I put 25-30 bucks but I don't know need your help if you guys were to buy a purse in very good conditions and you knew it looked like they cost a lot what price would you think would be good for a yard sale

No one goes to garage sales for $40 purses. They want cheap ass $5 purses if that's even what they're looking for! I would suggest selling them on ebay if you don't want to sell them for $5-10

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