Myspace Coach Purse Picture

Myspace Coach Purse Picture

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Where do people get these replica designer handbags and accessories?

google- "purses 4 u" you'll find a girls myspace show up. look at her pictures and you'll see TONS of coach purses and juicy purses and accessories.

where does she get them from? they look so real not fake at all.

does anybody know a website i could go to and get replicas cheaper?

she charges like 60$ a purse and i know shes making a ton of profit off of me. i just want to know where she might order from or where they heck people get these replicas from.

go to the new york city
there's a lot of little stores that sell whole sale bags (the cute ones)
they look designer
and ppl always be selling fake bags on the side of the street lol

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