Old Coach Handbags Styles

Old Coach Handbags Styles

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Coach Dinky Old Brass Dark Denim Honey Ladies Crossbody Handbag 37296OLLQW Coach Dinky Old Brass Dark Denim Honey Ladies Crossbody Handbag 37296OLLQW
List Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $186.99

Coach Dinky Old Brass Dark Denim Honey Small Ladies Crossbody Handbag 37296OLLQW. Product Dimensions: 5in x 9in x 2in.

Girls Black Fashion Backpack Stylish School Bag Made of Waterproof Nylon Material Girls Black Fashion Backpack Stylish School Bag Made of Waterproof Nylon Material
List Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $7.99

Cool nylon ladies backpack/purse in chic black and gold style.

Old Coach Handbags Styles

Fashion And Style

The do's and don'ts of fashion and style.

Have you always wanted to find the best sizes and look for things that you're interested in or that are affordable to wear when shopping for a look that's right for you.

Ann Taylor is one of the designers that is great for the casual look and for its suiting or you can get it at anntaylor.com and if you want to find a great pair of shoes, you can get the shoes at piperlime.com and if you want to carry a nice bag around, you can rent a bag if you really don't want to spend $600.00 or more on a bag or you can shop at those high end shops that sell designer bags at affordable prices.

When you want to work out to create a better body, you can shop lululemon.com for designer accessories for the gym such as a hot designer gym bag and sneakers. Do you want a more casual look, you can get it at ronherman.com

Jewelry: When shopping for jewelry, go to epsi.com for jewelry which is a maker of any handcrafted pieces.

Did you know that the vintage 80's style is back again and you can shop those looks for less at shopnastygal.com, farfetch.com, and oak.nyc.com and these places are great to shop when you can't find these looks at any store.

Do you want to know about the right shoe, handbag and accessories that can flatter any body type or even change your whole life and look and your clothes will fit even better.

Did you also know that bad clothes can add years to your look? So take your feet from frumpy to fabulous.

For those nice scarfes, handbags, and shoes for the season, do you know which one is best? Because most people break all the fashon rules which just ain't cool at all.

Here are the rules of wearing the right shoe:

-Leopard print shoes are great because they go with just about almost everything so you can't go wrong with that at all and prints are kind of like classics.

-Darker color shoes make your foot look slimmer and you have to wear the right shoe for your figure.

-Shoe boots elongate the legs, so match darker clothing to elongate the legs.

-Tall boots mkae your legs look longer

-Peep toe styles hide foot flaws

-The ankle bootie goes above the ankle and is more secure for your legs and ankles.

Now the right pair of shoes can put you in the right mood and solve some troubling leg and ankle issues.

-A neutral shoe is a must have for every lady and really elongates the foot in all the right ways.

Have you seen the episdoe on Oprah when she was talking about women in serious need of a shoe and handbag intervention?

Well it was on not too long ago and I felt that it was really interesting and all of the women would have enjoyed it and she mentioned that some bags aren't sutiable for age especially if you're up there in age so never sport a kiddy bag which would be suitable for a 16 year old.

Did you know that an ankle bootie adds proportion to a look, so you'll need to upgrade your whole style.

Now your handbag can make you look slimmer if you wear the right bag, so stop wearing those bad bags.

Here are the rules of handbag wear that  might be a major violation towards fashion:

-never wear multiple bags at the same time

-patterns for everyday use is a violation

-novelty bags for eveyday use

-utiliitarian back packs are out

So buy a bag that might be great for everyday use. You don't want a round bag because it adds an extra 10 pounds on you but if you wear the right bag that will make you look and feel great, so never choose comfort over style.

Ladies, did you know that you only need a few basic shoes for your everyday need.

-little back 2 inch kitten heel such as the black pump.

-comfortable flat shoe that works for work

-a shoe stepping gorgeous shoe such as the evening shoe that will last forever

-cute everyday shoes such as a sneaker such as coach, dooney & bourke, etc.

-tall boot that you can wear on the weekends or for everyday

-all weather boots for a polar fleece sock.

Most people wear the wrong boots for their body type and the ankle of your boots should never sape.

-no mismatched style and always match your boots to your tights.

For someone who is thin should always wear a midcalf boot.

The colors red and brown is legs jarring then red w/ black. and the hottest boots and they can make your legs look longer and leaner.

-the buckle boot is the best because it has that rocker chic look.

-slouchy boots are back and they go with everything and you'll need to get a peeptoe boot which is so age appropriate and laces up like a corset.

Now the classic riding boot are the best especially if you have problems fitting boots over your calves.


Ever wanted to know how to tie a scarf the right way, well here it is:

The scarf is really a way to accessorize your look. Now the easiest way to do a scarf is if you take it and fold it in half and wisk it slightly and pull it through and play with it for that chic look.

The simple black dress:

Now the simple black dress is the best when you're going out to dinner and every woman should have one hanging in their closet and you can glam it up with your accessories.

Last, but not least, ladies when it comes to fashion and style and shoes:

Ladies, you need to learn how to walk in those shoes so you need to get the walking especially when walking in a nice high heeled shoe with the perfect posture. So suck in your stomach with your shoulders back and remember your posture with one foot in front of the other with a neutral spine.

So put your best foot forward when it comes to fashion and style or you could just look towards a style team to put it together for you so always remember ladies, fashion is not all about a utility because an accessory is merely a piece of iconography that's used to express identity.

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