Past Coach Purse Styles

Past Coach Purse Styles

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Past Coach Purse Styles

No.5 Coach Parker Butterfly Print Swingpack

Coach, the brand that has become a symbol of American consumers’ aspirations, proved that people are still willing to pay for some indulgences- if the price is right. Coach has responded to the economic slowdown by offering lower prices, particularly at its outlet, or factory, stores. In the past, a handbag at a Coach factory store might be on sale for a week or two at $149. That same bag might cost $129 nowadays. Anyhow, its cautious strategy is good news for our fashionistas.

Coach Parker Butterfly Print Tote has a stunning look working for you. And its price is affordable- or sustainable, as a luxury handbag, just $358. That is the result of Coach’s cautious strategy. Along with the illusion of wealth is snuffed out, what will become of masstige after the full-blown economic recession? That is what Coach worried about. 

Though it labels such an affordable price for the Parker Butterfly Print Tote, Coach still does not confirm what will happen next. Obviously, it is scared more middle-class consumers spending last decade splurging will grudgingly shift to cheaper brands for much of their shopping. Meanwhile it hopes to catch more celebrities to hold its high-end luxury position. Coach is a little embarrassed.

Coach Parker Butterfly Print Tote is the product in this condition. The colorful butterfly and dazzling jewelry graphics seems to appeal to younger girls on middle-class. The huge dimension is trendy for the latest “fashion emergency” of high-end luxury brands. Coach has tried their best to cater for the economic depression. And it did work. Nevertheless, the lingering question is whether the industry trend of trading down to lesser stores and lesser brands will keep consumers from buying the latest Coach bags coming to market.

Objectively speaking, Coach Parker Butterfly Print Tote is marvelous and versatile. Yet a handbag is a not an accessory, but also a status symbol for a lot people. To trade down on Coach Tote, or other luxury brands, depending on you.

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