Wholesale Coach Purse Wallets

Wholesale Coach Purse Wallets

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COACH Wholesale Rehab Used Bulk Purse Lot Of 14 Handbags Wristlet Wallets
COACH Wholesale Rehab Used Bulk Purse Lot Of 14 Handbags Wristlet Wallets
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Wholesale Coach Purse Wallets

Buying That Cheap Designer Purse

If you are one of those woman who walks around feeling good, looking good and thinks life is grand even in today's economy. Keep on doing it! Every woman needs to or should feel this way. When I see someone walking towards me with what appears to be a Louis Vuitton purse, I immediately think she is a celebrity. But when she finally gets closer and I eyeball her purse, it's not a Louis Vuitton. Everything is a perception.

Ok ladies, here is a test for you. When you go to the mall this weekend. Spot someone coming towards you that looks great and is presenting an air of confidence and wealth. Check out their purse or handbag and try to see if it was what you thought it was. If your gutsy, ask them if it is an authentic handbag. You may or not get a true answer here but what the heck.

After an hour or so of shopping and checking out others purses. Look at your list. In my little research I found that less than half of the purses I spotted were not authentic Coach purses or authentic Louis Vuiiton purses.

The point behind this little test is that you can still look good and carry stunning looking purses without having to pay top dollar for one. Yeah yeah if you have the money to burn then go ahead and stop off at an actually Gucci or Louis Vuitton store. My co-worker at work is like that. She will pay $1500 or more for a purse. But she has it like that because of the kind of money her husband makes. Most of us are not that fortunate.

I live in the Los Angeles area and I performed this same test while walking along Hollywood Blvd. What I had noticed that most tourist, i.e. those getting of of the fun bus, were carrying less expensive purses which still looked great. I hate the word knock-off so that's why I have not said that yet. Now people who seemed to be from the L.A. area and also looked like they could be models, actresses or in some part of the entertainment industry. That was a totally different result. Many carried Gucci, Channel, Louis and others, all authentic. I would suspect that women in the New York city area would think the same and I bet the results would be similar.

So ladies, shop wisely and don't feel obligated to spend a months mortgage or rent just to buy an authentic handbag or purse when something that looks similar will do.

I like to frequent online stores for cheap Coach and Louis Vuitton looking purses. Just take a look on eBay or Amazon. They have amazing deals on purses and handbags. I just became a fan of Kathy Van Zeeland purses. Plenty of good deals online for purses like these.

A couple of my favorite sites to visit is http://www.maxpurse.com which is a wholesale website and the other is http://www.azhandbagsandpurses.com which seems to be a small mom and pop purse store but has great buys.

Shopping for trendy fashionable handbags and purses online can be a bit time consuming but if watching your wallet is important then take the time to shop around. At the least look at the two stores that we use and use that as a starting point.


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A wise financial choice is to buy Cheap Handbags and Purses that still give you that level of class that you are looking for.

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