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Living Above You Means, How To Save Money And Still Have Fun ?

It is exciting to land your first job, receive that first paycheck, buy that new car or house, but should you really live above your means?  The answer is no.  You should never buy something you can't afford.  I understand most people have a mortgage or car payment, but you shouldn't buy a $300K house if you only make $100K or a $60K car if you only make $30K a year.  My husband and I were eating lunch out everyday, but we realized that we were spending way to much on food.  So, we made a deal to only eat out twice a week and the other three days we pack our lunch.  We have saved $3K this year, just by packing our lunch three days a week.  We can use that $3K to pay an extra couple house payments or car payments.  There are multiple ways to save money, which in essence will put more money if your pocket !

Think about a $3 cup of Starbucks coffee.  If you are a coffee drinker you probably have one a day.  You will spend about $1000 a year of coffee.  It is fun to get the cup and enjoy the whole experience, but wouldn't you rather buy a $10 bag of Starbucks coffee and brew it yourself.  You can buy cardboard cups !  I agree it is nice to have a cup of Starbucks coffee on occasion, but I can have it every morning at my house and office for a fraction of the cost.

If you use these techniques and adopt this method of thinking you would save yourself an enormous amount of money.  Just in these two examples, you could save yourself $4000 a year, that is $20,000 in five years.  This could be tuition for your high school child, contributions to your IRA or 401(K).

You can buy the Coach purse, Nike shoes or Suit, but there are plenty of ways to buy at cheaper prices.  You can use coupons, wait for a sale or buy at discount shops.

I would rather save money, cut back in certain areas and use the savings to put towards retirement so I can retire at at earlier age, spend it on traveling or make an extra mortgage payment.

If you are struggling with reasons why you can't afford something or your wallet seems empty, but not sure why ?  Think about the above examples and I promise you will be surprised !

About the Author

I have been in the financial industry for 8 years.  I have my BA in Finance and minor in Accounting.  I currently work for a small business consulting firm in WV.  We recently started a small business resource website.  I am involved in many organizations and active in my Church. I have been married for almost two years.

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