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Coach Wallet Authenticity Check

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Coach Wallet Authenticity Check

Are You Carrying a Fake Coach Purse Around?


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. Well, that may be true of people, but if you are just about the spend big bucks on a designer purse, say from Coach, then you want to be sure that it’s the real deal you are buying. The most commonly copied Coach purses are those from the signature monogram range so if you are looking to but one of these items then you really should take care. As well as this, if it wasn't hard enough to find an authentic designer handbag in online auctions such as EBay, counterfeiters are also replicating seasonal and collectable lines like the Coach patchwork collection and many other of Coach's prominent designs. So how do you protect yourself?

Know Your Purse

The best defense against purchasing a counterfeit product online is to research the products. That's right, if you want to know how to tell an authentic Coach patchwork purse from a fake in mere minutes, you need to familiarize yourself with the quality of Coach products. Some internet websites claim that counterfeiters have become so savvy at replicating designer goods that only the manufacturer will know the difference. This is not necessarily true. A skilled fashionista who already owns several Coach handbags will be able to determine the authenticity of the product by the weight, interior, and stitching of the handbag. Bottom line is: if you don't know what an authentic Coach patchwork handbag looks and feels like, you won't be able to contrast it against a fake product.

Hence, spend some time in a Coach store before purchasing any Coach merchandise on the web. Take a look at the product discount. If the average price of a Coach handbag is close to 300 dollars and you're purchasing the bag for close to 100 online, then something is most likely wrong with the vendor. Even vendors who buy Coach bags at wholesale prices cannot afford to sell goods at a fifty percent or more discount.

Check The Detail

Cheap knock-offs are usually only profitable for their makers because they skimp on the quality of materials and labour. One of the tips good buyers use is to check the alignment of the monogrammed "C's". If the C’s don’t line up then it’s probably a rush job and the bag is fake. Luxury manufacturers like Coach take extensive measures to ensure the quality of the workmanship - it’s part of the appeal of the brand, whereas counterfeiters are only driven by profit, meaning that the attention to detail is often overlooked. When buying online always buy from a listing that shows the detail closeup if possible, but especially avoid listings that just have thumbnail images. You could be buying anything.

The Interior

Coach purses are also heavy. This is because of the luxury materials and leather used. A genuine Coach bag will also sport a quality interior. Unless you have been face to face several times with a Coach bag it will be difficult for you to determine the authenticity of the product by weight alone, but luxury goods are made with quality materials. Unfortunately, its impossible to tell the weight and build quality of an item from a listing, but you can raise a dispute with EBay over the item if you believe that its fake when it arrives. Always pay using PayPal if possible as you are protected – often for the full amount.

Coach does not want its merchandise sold on the streets or discreetly out of car trunks, and I’m willing to be they are not too thrilled about vendors selling them online either. Online vendors who hide their feedback are giving you a clear message – beware of scams. Personally I would only even buy a Coach purse online if it looked like it was from a ‘normal’ private seller rather than an online store vendor.

Finally, all Coach Purses have a serial number. Although fakes often have serial numbers too, you can verify your serial number if you look inside the bag. The serial number should be stamped in there. All you have to do is call Coach at 1-888-262-6224 and verify that the serial number is authentic. You'll also need to give them the bag's color and style, so you may want to visit their site first and get the proper terms for the purse version you have.

About the Author

So there you have it, some simple tips to avoid buying a fake Coach purse online. If you want ot have a look at what’s available now – and grab a real bargain then why not check out this website

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