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Coach Wallet Burgundy

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Coach Wallet Burgundy

COACH: luxury alternative route

COACH is moving in its own set of "close at hand and the luxury" target running all the way, gradually than those who have been making fun of its competitors.

April 22, COACH opened in Shanghai in mainland China its first global flagship store, the neighbors are all big names: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier and so on. COACH Although the price on the line with these luxury brands from Europe, there are gaps, but never give up the chance competing against them, which totally does not scruple to this the many competitors from the United States disdain.

In 1979, COACH has an annual turnover of only $ 6,000,000; in 1995 climbed to $ 500,000,000; and fiscal year 2009, global net sales of 3.2 billion. Over the years, COACH with the sales figures have repeatedly proved their strength. 2007, "Business Week" Top 50 American All-Star championship, COACH Google immediately after, beyond Microsoft, Apple and Mobil.

Americans can create a luxury it? This is a problem. Those arrogant Americans, Europeans say whatever they despise the taste, COACH sell more of the package, they still ridicule. Only the face of fierce COACH, these big, we will secretly depressed, secretly wondering - in the end, it is how to sell the package?

Was "belittled" the American

Manhattan, New York, 1941, 6 skillful craftsmen in a family workshop in the production of high quality leather goods, COACH brand was born. COACH new version of Logo is a small carriage, the following mark was established in 1941. In fact, the company that was established in 1941 called the "Manhattan Leather Company", the main production of men's wallet. The main production company, the emphasis is durable and practical, nothing to do with fashion. The early 60s of last century, the Manhattan Leather Ladies handbag company boss look for a great future development, so the designer Bonnie Cashin, please do. To join with the Bonnie Cashin, the company also officially changed its name to COACH. The 85-year-old fashion living pioneer women, known as the United States Coco Chanel. In her day, the courage to reform and innovation, and now the first set of hot mantle, one-piece suits, and so from her bag on the package design.

80s of last century there was this called "The Official Preppy Handbook" book, introduces the northeastern United States ridicule the elite cultural practices. This so-called "elite", referring to the U.S. after the first industrial capitalist future generations. Respect for the traditional group of people, pay attention to taste, rich but not exposed, but not China luxury. On the woman's handbag is the COACH - "good material, good workmanship, classic styles over the years is not bad. Navy blue and burgundy color is best."

Been to the U.S. people know that COACH is a part of American consumer culture, is not an exaggeration, wherever possible will encounter COACH. Light-colored canvas, big C, Logo, filled with work, leisure, old and young, black, white, manual one. The stores are everywhere. The streets of Manhattan and Beverly Hills on the outskirts of the discount center, next to a large supermarket, and even department store counter, where people have COACH.

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