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Coach Wallet Design
How can I tell if a COACH purse is REAL or FAKE?

So I just got this ADORABLE cute COACH purse for really cheap because I have a friend who sells for these big top brand-name selling companies such as COACH, Louis Vottoin, etc, etc. SO...anyways...I don't really care if it is real or fake because I am too in love with it to mind but is there any way to tell if it is a fake? I know there is something that has to do with the design of the "Cs" and the label inside the bag. I mean, I got a certificate of authenticity and the whole works, but I was just wondering...haha

And while I'm asking this, how much do Anna Sui wallets usually sell for?

Thanks guys!!!

You should google the Authenticity number, because there is a lot of fake Authenticity numbers out there.

The zipper should be metal etc, not plastic.

There will be no joins on the C's if it is real.

There will be no excess glue either if it is real.

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