Coach Wallet For Him

Coach Wallet For Him

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Coach Wallet For Him
Oh gosh...I need help FAST! Three days left...?

Until my boyfriend's birthday!!!
It's his 16th birthday on April 8th, and we've been together for nearly 8 months. I am completely lost on what to get him! I just draw blanks on presents most of the time. Previous presents, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.:

Christmas: I got him a incredibly nice, expensive men's leather Coach wallet, with a $50 giftcard to his favorite store, Hollister, inside it, as well as quite a few little love notes and poems.

And for Valentine's Day, I did 177 Reasons I Love You; I wrote them all down and put them in a cute little jar with a ton of his favorite candy. I did 177 because it was more customized -- on Valentine's Day we had been together for 177 days.

Also, for every month we're together I write him a super sweet poem and give it to him.

Now, I'm stumped! He won't tell me what he wants...But I know he expects something. I want unique ideas for a moderate budget, please. And remember -- only have three days to get this gift!

burn him a CD of songs you guys listen to together, or just ones you think he'll like. make like a cute "happy birthday" label on the computer and stick it on. put pictures of you guys on the case!!

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