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Durable Leather Two In One Hip and Shoulder Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Bourbon Brown Durable Leather Two In One Hip and Shoulder Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Bourbon Brown
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Hide & Drink's exquisite leather Hip & Shoulder Bag is handmade by expert artisans using beautiful Full Grain Leather, providing you with an elegant accessory that is perfect for any occasion. Made with a single piece of high-quality leather that ensures durability and strength, this Hip & Shoulder Bag will last a lifetime, as well as attaining an attractive patina with time and usage...

Durable Leather Two In One Hip and Shoulder Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Swayze Suede Durable Leather Two In One Hip and Shoulder Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Swayze Suede
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2 in 1 Hip and Shoulder Bag Made From Full Grain Leather

Coach Wallet Hong Kong

China Trip-Things To Remember

Peoples Republic of China is the new buzzword of tourism around the world. The most populated and the third largest country in the world with huge geographical diversity and great ancient culture has much to offer to the tourists around the world. The fact that China opened itself to the world outside recently only,is another reason for the huge demand for Chinese travel. Its really is a different world altogether. The fragrance of fish, lobsters, the sturdy Great Wall, the broken hush of winds by the Martial Arts, the grand museums, the sky-scrappers of Shanghai, the eye-catchy Olympic stadiums and unpretentious down to earth people. Welcome you to the fastest growing economy in the current world-China. Here are some points to keep while preparing for a trip to China
Entry Visa
China require entry visa from most countries. Apply at the Chinese consulate or through your travel agent before travelling to China.
China is a big country with vast geographical diversities. We have extremely diverse tropical in south to subarctic in north. Be prepared with the right seasonal clothing.
Understanding of English
While preparing for Beijing Olympics, Chinese government had undertaken a massive English coaching venture for Chinese citizens including thousands of volunteers, cab drivers ,hotel staffs. This has improved the English speaking ability a lot, even then majority of civil servants, custom officials, police, hotel staff and men in the street do not speak English or at best a smattering of English. Most signboards and notices will carry both English and Chinese. However, be aware that some translations can be so notorious that one can hardly understand what was it's original Chinese intention. Do not expect hotels or shops to understand English. Only the very big hotels will have staff that will understand English. But because of internet ,most young people can understand basic English ,but try to speak slowly.
Foreign Exchange
The unit of currency is known as Yuan or Renmembi(RMB) . Get some Chinese Yuan in your local country before travelling. When in China, exchange foreign currency for local currency in the banks or at the hotel. Banks tend to give slightly better rates than hotels. Payment facilities
Most high class hotels and shopping centers take Credit Card or Travellers cheques. Smaller hotels and shops take cash only. Once out of the bigger cities, credit card and ATM cards tend to be almost impossible to utilize. Cash is still king in Chinese business and trade. Counterfeit notes are common in China. Check carefully before accepting change, especially if it consists mostly 100RMB notes. You can feel a texture difference if it's a counterfeit note.
Social Security
China is generally a safe country. However, hang on tight to your wallet especially in crowded, popular tourist sites in tourist cities such as Beijing , Shanghai and Xian.
Domestic Travel
Bus, train, ferries and domestic flights are quite well developed. Taxis are convenient and are available at all hours. Avoid the crowd at the stations and book your tickets through the hotel tour desk or the nearest tour agent. Prices are likely to be competitive and tickets will be delivered to your hotel room. Also avoid ticket touts who approach you in the streets. Avoid travel in China during peak holiday seasons or book tickets well ahead.
China –Places of Attraction
* Beijing
• Beijing Amusement Park
• The Beijing Recreation Center • The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) at Beijing
• Beijing Museum of Natural History
• China Aviation Museum
• Tiananmen Square
• Wangfujing Business Street of Beijing(for shopping)
• The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
• The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-Xian
• The Shanghai Museum
• Caribe Bar and numerous other pubs and discotheques
*Hong kong
*The Great Wall of China
*The Grand Canal of China
*Mt. Huangshan
Local Hotels
There is a good choice of hotels in China ranging from one star to the most luxurious 6 stars. Most of the time, the rooms are safe and clean. There are many websites selling China hotel rooms on the internet. You can also check out the travel counters which are available in most train, bus stations as well as airport.Book ahead if travelling in peak seasons.
Peak Tourist Seasons of China
Chinese New Year: Date varies but generally late January or early February. May Day: First two weeks of May
China National Day: Middle two weeks of October
Avoid travelling during these periods. Book rooms and travel modes way early if need to travel. The crowds during these periods will be scary. There will be the foreign tourists as well as the vast Chinese population.
Chinese Food
What can I tell about the world famous Chinese food, in one word, its fabulous.But be aware that the ‘Chinese food' we get from any other part of the world will be suitably altered for the local tastes. So once you are in China ,you have a chance to taste the authentic Chinese dishes, so try as much Chinese food as your wallet or stomach can afford. Restaurants are available everywhere and open to late hours. Check out for the famous restaurant chains in internet before you leave. Most restaurants will have a menu that include photographs of the various dishes. Better yet, simply point at the food that your next door table is having, especially if it looks delicious!
Internet access
There are cyber-cafes everywhere in China, especially in tourist areas. Most are patronized by young people playing online games but you still can access all your important stuff. Access may be a bit slow for international websites.You will need to show your passport as China has tight regulations at Internet Cyber Cafes.(keep in mind about the Google hazzle)
Toilet facilities
One of the worst experiences many have with China is the atrocious toilet facilities. Things has improved very much but it may still be a good idea to empty your stomach or bladder at every opportunity in a hotel, restaurant or departmental store. Public toilets and toilets in small shops can be a nose hazard! So *Never expect a clean toilet 100% of the time. * Be prepared; Carry some tissue. * You may have to use a squat toilet.
So the best idea is to make use of any hotel lobby toilet, since 99% of them will be clean and neat. I hope the above information was useful to you.Hope you will have a nice trip to China.
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hi,I am Ashlee Robinson from Texas,USA.I am a travel freak and my dream is to travel all over the world before I die.I started fulfilling my dream,but 'there are miles to go'.I would like to share my travelling experience of various destinations with people around the world.
Catch me on my travel blog and give me your comments and suggestions

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