Coach Wallet Warranty

Coach Wallet Warranty

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TLG Multi Purpose Wallet/Passport Holder for Women/Men to secure your boarding passes (BROWN) TLG Multi Purpose Wallet/Passport Holder for Women/Men to secure your boarding passes (BROWN)
List Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $6.99

This first-class world traveler offers you a safe place for your passport. It helps organize your travel documents and most important items in this high quality passport wallet. Perfect for all sorts of travel, this passport wallet is a must-have for the individual who's always on the go...

Top 10 No-Risk, All-Reward, Hesitation-Busting Guarantees

Success is based on persistency and consistency - not magic - says entrepreneur, coach and author David Mason, who offers his insights for taking your business to the next level, helping small business owners who want simple to use tips and hints to grow Big Profits.

The fear of making a mistake is a HUGE obstacle that keeps many consumers from opening up their wallets. That's understandable. We all hate to be wrong, especially when it comes to making a purchase. Offering a guarantee of satisfaction means that there's no chance that the consumer can go wrong.

The idea of "risk reversal" takes the pressure of the client and puts the risk on you. The prospective buyer doesn't need to hesitate before making a purchase because "your money will be cheerfully refunded in full" means that there's absolutely no risk. Just reward, and plenty of it. The guarantees below can be easily adapted to any business or product.

Guarantees - Another "Top 10" List

1) SEND NO MONEY NOW. If at the end of 14 days you decide not to keep the book, simply return it without obligation.

2) We guarantee to have your guttering delivered within 48 hours. If we fail, it's yours FREE.

3) Double Your Money Back! In the unlikely event that our parts or labor fail in any way during the warranty period, we'll pay the cost of repairs plus double that amount for inconveniencing you.

4) Here's all you need to know: You like it; you keep it. You don't; you send it back for a full and complete refund. We're an honest business and we stand behind our product.

5) If you are in any way dissatisfied with your meal or the service you received, please tell us and the dinner is on us.

6) If you don't get all the benefits I have promised and more, simply our product and receive every penny back - including shipping. I'll pay for the return postage as well! The way I figure it is this: If you're not satisfied, that's my fault, not yours!

7) Try our product for a full 6 months. If it doesn't do everything you hoped, simply request a full refund and the $120 in bonuses are yours to keep - no hassles!

8) Everything you see listed here, TOTALLY RISK FREE! If our product isn't everything I said it was and more, simply return it for a complete refund including shipping! No hard feelings, no questions asked.

9) There is absolutely no way you can lose - except by not taking me up on a free 30-day examination of this item. I personally guarantee that you've never seen anything like it. If you aren't happier and more confident within 30 days after receiving the program, simply return it and owe nothing.

10) If you don't agree that this is the most, eye-opening and life-changing seminar you have ever attended, simply tell me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. Plus, I'll give you an extra $100 for your trouble.

The interesting thing about guarantees is how seldom consumers use them. It's the assurance provided by the guarantee that's important.

To your success!

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